Don’t be lied to. It’s a pretty impossible task as the recipient, yet you are able to limit the chances by filtering out the right people from your life.

Photo credit: Kristina Flour- Unsplash.
‘By intention, atheists have taken it upon themselves to militantly enforce their dispirited worldview upon the rest of us.’

I am yet to turn on the news to a story proving this claim. If religious fundamentalism wasn’t so rife, atheism wouldn’t be so opposing. When another Bangladeshi blogger is hacked to death in the street, the perception of morality is turned on its head once again. It’s a great shame that any criticism of religious violence is seen as immoral. I see people lying about the dangers of atheism daily and I know to not take such claims seriously. I also know when it is done for the benefit of the liar.

No-one is being threatened by atheism. If you are homophobic, against women’s rights, or against blasphemy maybe your beliefs are indeed under an attack, an attack looking for equality. If you do feel threatened, do you assume you are God? If you choose to take offence on behalf of God, consider your reasons for doing so. Leave the worry to God. You’re the employee that was never employed. Take off the name badge and work for yourself.

The truth will set you free, it’s a shame so many people desire divine guidance that creates such divide between people.


Unknown priveleges

The american lady on the left has been to every Olympic Games since 1984. She told me that she is writing a book that I have to look out for, I have the name of it written down somewhere. I am sure ‘1984’ has already been taken…

Her pet dog seemed surprisingly composed on the subway, accepting the belly rubs and neck tickles from commuters in the packet carriage, travelling from the Maracanã to Rio.


It seems that we pay more for things we enjoy. Pets go free, it’s not like they are there to enjoy and appreciate what we do. I guess it has to do with demand, the more dogs request to attend sport events and concerts, things may change. This dog was completely oblivious to the magnitude of the event, and what it symbolized. He was also unaware of how much we had to pay for a ticket and how lucky he is to attend without spending a penny.

I see life in a similar fashion. I want to acknowledge each moment as best as I can whilst I am still here and try to make sense of this crazy world without the various forces making this difficult. Social influence, men with machine guns, cognitive bias, we face a lot of obstacles telling us what we should believe. Unlike this cute pet, we have the option to enjoy this moment and not be oblivious to the truth if we really want to and I really, really want to know the truth that is out there hiding behind such bias.

Care to join me? There’s a seat, in fact there are plenty…


I would love for my blog to continue growing and to hear your stories. Thank you to my followers for inspiring me to keep posting. By following my blog, belly rubs and neck tickles are coming your way.

Too proud to change 

We all become reluctant to admit defeat at one stage or another. When there has been so much effort put into something that now seems illogical, giving that thing up is hard.

I did this when leaving religion behind. The reluctance I felt to leave religion was not because it was a superior belief system, but it was a system I was used to. The longer we stick to a certain path the harder the desire is to turn around and walk back. 

Although there are many people out there that choose to believe because a religion seems believable, I know there are vast amounts of people that stick to belief for the ease of it. It isn’t a loss or a failure to leave behind something you no longer feel confident in. If anything the failure is to keep walking down that unrewarding path.

Intelligent design 

Surely, an intelligent designer would intelligently tell it’s designs that they were designed. This really isn’t asking much.

The methods used to tell us that we are designed are in no way intelligent. Most people aren’t rebellious, looking for a way to disbelieve what we are told or choose to reject theories despite a huge amount of evidence. 

Theists need to eradicate the claim that atheists reject belief because they don’t want to know the truth, or they are rebelling against God. It is simply an incredible lack of evidence and information provided to us on the belief you have adopted. 

When someone of another religion tells you that you are rejecting their God because you are in denial of the truth, how confident are you in their argument? 

You aren’t. And this works in the exact same way towards your beliefs.

God has incomprehensible power, that’s why atheists cannot accept the truth

Take a read of this lie.

‘God made Himself into the person of Jesus Christ yet many people have a hard time accepting this truth. The reason behind those people’s failed worldview of Christ is that their finite minds cannot understand the infinite things of God.’

The above statement fails. Hard. Let’s not blame our finite minds for our lack of belief. Let’s put the blame on a God that fails to demonstrate the ‘infinite things’ we are told he is capable of. 

God is capable of anything, I get it. Your argument would be so much more effective if this was actually demonstrated. I can think of 1001 incredible things he could do, and as there is nothing he cannot do, I’m sure he is listening in.

Can I please tick off at least one of these things?

Religion is the Hare, Science is the Tortoise

Having no conclusion is no loss. Nor is remaining patient until a reasonable answer comes around.

Picture two people reading a book, one reads it in a speedy fashion, much quicker than the other. Now imagine questioning both on what they have just read. Would the speedy reader answer as well as the one taking more time on the pages? No. It may have looked impressive, but you soon find faults in the skim readers technique.

We have all heard the story of The Hare and The Tortoise. The hare rushing, confident. The Tortoise wins despite a slow start. We are taught this in school but forget the meaning when advised to look at a more scientific approach than a religious one. Religion despite providing an answer does not offer anything of value. Unless that is, you simply consider an answer as valuable.

Don’t settle for the beliefs you were taught growing up. It may be appealing to boast about having the answer quicker than your peers, but this answer usually has more holes than a PGA Tour.

You can keep these ‘answers’. I would much rather be mystified by the truth than be satisfied by an unsatisfactory lie.

Morality is not a good argument 

How many times do I have to hear morality being used as a weapon to promote theism? Promoting and proving are completely seperate. 

I watched this ‘Why I am a Christian’ lecture with speaker Ravi Zacharias at Princeton University and it only backs the idea that some people believe because they want to. Afterall, if it about truth and fact then why bring up morality? 

‘I believe in God and it’s because of this… If there was no God, what or who would stop you from committing crime and suffering on the next person you see? Where does the moral compass come from?’

That is proof you have of a deity? This isn’t a quote from the above but rather a summary of what I heard. Claiming that the non existence of a moral providing deity would be an unpleasant existence? This does not prove your point. It isn’t true and even if it was, doesn’t make theism factually superior. 

If it could be proved that all deities were mythical and our quality of life plummeted- whether it be crime, mental health, selfishness or discrimination- I would still respect the facts. Instead of going back to false religion for a restoration of morality I would promote morality in an atheistic world. 

Thankfully, a correlation between atheism and a lack of morality does not exist.