Unexpected events 

I was going to send another post out this evening, unfortunately I won’t be able to as I have been required to attend not one but two incidents needing first aid. Sorry!

I’m not a paramedic, just the closest person that was first aid trained. It’s strange that something so rarely used is required a couple of hours apart…
I’m also going to revise what I have learned during my training, you never know who will rely on you at any point. Thankfully these weren’t life threatening today but to think one day someone’s life may be in our hands, pretty powerful stuff. 

As I’ve got a little time I want to give a thank you to everyone that reads my posts, I know the last thank you wasn’t too long ago but you can never give too much love. Stay safe out there!


Thank you to what seems to be every nation apart from the UK celebrating Mother’s Day today, resulting in the annual moment of panic as I fail to remember ours has already been and gone. This actually leads on quite fittingly from my Words post earlier today.

Also, thank you to everyone who follows, reads and likes my blog for allowing me to hit 13,000 views  today. I love you all!