Out of the woods

As a kid my favorite hobbies were to climb trees and listen to my elderly neighbour tell me I shouldn’t have as much free time. I wasn’t even a teenager. He would have had me sweeping chimneys if he had the option, judging by how much he hated the sound of kids playing. Some people are like that. They want us to live like they did, or still do.

My perception of trees has changed a little. I saw a natural playground and endless climbing frames of varying sizes and difficulties. Now I have a little more appreciation for the natural beauty, the idea that some of these trees could be older than I am blows my mind. Don’t get me wrong I still want to climb them, I don’t think that will ever leave me.


Did you know there is a rainforest within Kuala Lumpur airport? I thought that was pretty cool. The airport surrounds this and you are free to walk around. How fascinating is is this? To walk through security and all the man made precautions preventing man made attacks and before you know it, you are walking in nature again. I was hoping Singapore had an airport with equally interesting features as I will make my way there in September, by the sound of it there is and much, much more. I can’t wait to see for myself.

A tree reminds me of our varying societies and cultures. Each branch, if you get close enough to climb it, is a little unique. Step away and it is just another tree. Step out of the woods altogether and it is a collection of trees. You could walk up to any tree and see the subtle differences, each branch proud to be a little different from the last and showing how similar the branches really are.

I guess I have given up climbing trees in the metaphorical sense, too. I have shifted my focus from staring at each branch and instead looking at the tree as a whole, comparing it to the trees around it. If I was to individually place the name of every denomination within a single religion onto a tree brach, it is possible I would run out of branches. I could forever be studying one tree in depth and leave no time for any other. I need more variety than that.

I much prefer to look at the woods without being lured into climbing any certain tree. My life has been much more fun with variety and the view is much more colourful, too.


I appreciate anyone that is willing to read my ramblings of life, travel, religion and atheism. Last night I received my four hundredth follower, and for that I am very grateful. If I was to invite you all to a party in celebration it would take a couple of 757’s. Or enough people to fill 400 of our bright red British telephone boxes. It sounds great to say that 😉

Photo Credit: Daryan Shamkhali at Unsplash
Hopefully when I fly on an A380 in September to Sydney via Singapore I can boast a following that would be enough to fill that, too. One can dream and no-one can stop that!

Cheers everyone,




Long haul flights, window or aisle seat? I guess I have answered the question by scrolling through my camera roll, not one picture of any trip is looking down the aisle of a plane at the sunburnt legs, toilet queues and mothers singing to crying babies. I’d do however, have some lovely shots from the window.

I’m travelling on an Airbus A380 800 from London to Sydney via Singapore for the first time and to get myself in the mood, I logged in and looked at the available seats. There wasn’t many. I did check on this great site called Seat Guru which is a big help finding which the preferred seats in almost all aircraft and airlines and the ones to avoid. I highly recommend a browse before flying, if you care that much

I looked down at the seating map and wondered who I would be sitting next to. The first 13 hours to Singapore will be a window seat. The next 7 hours flight is an aisle seat on the upper deck. It’s fascinating to consider how many awesome people we must sit next to from time to time, conversations wasted as we indulge in our own personal interests that keep us from chatting to our fellow passenger.

Have you ever sat next to someone with an interesting story, or try to start conversation? I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to gain one on this flight.