Prison threat for Russian man denying God online

Russia. A global superpower. I always find it hilarious that people feel the need to jump in to rescue God from ridicule, like ants defending a giant. Such a powerful nation shitting itself over a few words from the mouth of a civilian. Embarrassing. 

Viktor Krasnov is facing inprisonment for stating ‘there is no God’ online, breaking anti-blasphemy laws. Really?! Does this really scare people to the point of inprisoning or executing someone? If this applies to you, grow the fuck up. Stop living in a world of delusion. I can only assume that the people defending God deep down feel he isn’t actually there to defend himself. I mean if this isn’t the case, why defend a God that is so much more powerful that ourselves? Why blog on behalf of God? A God that can punish us if he so chooses? Why do you feel your measly input helps an omnipotent being? Do you have any intellect to use before resorting to violence and confinement? It doesn’t seem like many people do.

Stupid, weak, deluded humans.

Homosexuality is to be blamed for ISIS, says head of Russian Orthodox Church

Many Muslims are fleeing western ‘godless civilisations’ that support LGBT events for ISIS and similar extremists groups. 


If this is true, why does the Head attack the free societies they left behind and not the idiots that decided to leave for this reason? If people join ISIS to escape the godless west, why should the countries with more tolerance to LGBT communities receive the hate? Pure idiocy. 

Imagine the hysterical outburst from a fundamentalist leaving a tolerant nation for a radical terror group:

‘I hate that two people of the same sex can love each other in such a way… I’m going to join a group that rapes, kidnaps and executes others simply for crossing our path!’

If you read the above and feel it can be justified, you are the target of this post. It is hard for me to accept someone in such a position of influence can state not only damaging and offensive opinions, but opinions void of any intellect whatsoever. Surprising? No. Hard to accept? Yes.

‘Kiril said because the “godless civilization is reaching maturity”, it should come as no surprise that those who are opposed to liberal, secular ideas end up joining terror organisations.’ (The Independent)

Who the hell is opposed to liberal and secular ideas to such an extent? Let’s focus on these idiots and not the innocent people they hate. 

This is why I do not hold a religious position of power in high regard. I do not see an increase in morality or intellect the higher up the heirarchy I look.

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