A new purpose 

I wonder when the last petrol station will close it’s doors. When there is no longer enough business from the cars driving by or flying overhead. What will they become?

Will they become diners? Maybe they will slowly deteriorate like aircraft in a scrapyard until the land is bought and houses are built. Maybe some will be preserved as museums, teaching future humans about fossil fuels and the cars of 2017.

I have no idea but it is fun to guess. It is fun to look around and wonder what aspects of our normality will be needless in future. I hope some of these are preserved for us to remember, even if there is a new purpose. Will telephone boxes be a good place to place defibrillators? Will petrol stations be a good place for electronic cars to charge?

Will airports be a good place for space centres in a future with increased space travel? I’m sure as time goes on, the past will be a great home for new possibilities and ways of life. What we need to do is ensure that we are willing to change the present and let the past make way for the future.

I’ve played basketball in a church on a full sized court. I’ve dined in the carriage of a train that was once used as transport and now sits on the beach. I’ve visited a castle that was once for defence and now for entertainment. With every attraction that has been transformed from the original purpose, not once have I wished it was back doing what it was built for. Why cling to the past with so much future potential?

I read something beautiful today. Your future self is watching you right now through memories. I sat and thought about it. I felt detached from my future self yet loved by him. Although my cells will be different my memories won’t be. We will have the same mutual loves and needs. 

I hope my future self has a future that hasn’t been forced into staying the same as I see it presently. If it does, apologies to my future self, I didn’t want it to be that way. 

If not, future self, I told you so.

Everyone has that certain song

Nostalgia is pretty powerful, not many things in life bring it out faster than music. The song used to be a favourite but now has more of a meaning, for the better or worse. 

Maybe you listened to it with your ex. A song that reminds you of a favourite holiday perhaps, you want to jump straight into that photograph sitting on your work desk and be there again. 


We all have at least one. A song that was great but now holds much more weight. The whole Country genre reminds me of moving abroad on my own at 21 and meeting a girl, it doesn’t take much for me to look back and reminisce.

One song in particular for me is Blurry, by Puddle Of Mudd. My dad played this piece of music over and over again, to my delight as I loved it to. I still do. 

I went to see the band live a couple of years ago, my dad later regretted not going and unfortunately, never got to. This is not to say he did not have experiences in his life, he went to see some of the best bands around at some amazing festivals. It just means much more when I had the chance to see the gig with him.

Watching the video brings even more emotion as it is about a father and child. Thankfully, I can relate to the love between the two. 


It is amazing how powerful the feelings of loss can be with the right trigger. I could be out in a bar socialising and one song can catch me off guard, to the point of sitting down overwhelmed by emotion and over-thinking things. 

Whether it be love and happiness or sadness and regret, I am grateful to experience such a phenomena. And out of it I’ve learned to live my life so nostalgia of the future will be with a smile.

What is your song? Maybe it’s an album or something else completely, it could remind you of a person, a favourite place you have been or a childhood memory. 

I’d love to hear it.