Açaí you there!

I was instantly reminded of my amazing month in Brazil as I walked by this stand. I haven’t had Açaí since then (August 2016), in fact I don’t think I have seen anywhere to buy it until now.


I guess a city with a population of over four million is bound to offer a great variety of food and drink, cuisines inspired by the countless nationalities that have settled here. This isn’t always the case in the smaller cities, Newcastle for example, the city I lived in before moving here. It just cannot compete in terms of diversity.

Have you tried it? With Summer around the corner there is no doubt I will tuck into this little tub of heaven again, and I look forward to doing so.

Obrigado in advance!


Travel diaries: Darling Harbour

I hadn’t heard of Darling Harbour until I was taken there. What great views of the skyline!

I went with family for lunch and a look around the museum, which involved boarding two Royal Navy ships, one submarine and a replica of the HMS Endeavour. The Endeavour was particularly fascinating when walking (sometimes crawling) around, it gave a real insight as to the living conditions of the day.

 The staff were very informative and friendly, one lady told me her husband was from Newcastle after recognising my accent. 

What a great day to be at sea.

The journey starts here.

When I first thought September would be the most realistic month for me to save enough to travel at the beginning of the year, it seemed so far away. Now, here I am in first class (at the amazing cost of £30), on route to London.

A slight jump as I sit down, realising that the seats recline. And… I don’t have to sit next to anyone! A free glass of white wine recently topped up and a pretty decent duck wrap. I’m not used to first class, I’m looking around to ensure I am not doing anything that will expose me as an economy traveller. So far, so good.

Then, autocorrect proved itself to be the devil as I described what I was having on the journey to my mother.

My mum has a new phone number. I don’t have a new mum.

As soon as you leave the station in Durham the most beautiful view awaits. How many routes around the world are this beautiful?

I’m roughly half way through my journey to London. That of course is hardly a dent in my journey to Sydney. The wine makes this a great start. The next 72 hours are going to be tiring, but worth it. It’s a shame to leave my family however it is a great opportunity now for them to visit me in a place they have never been. That is the best way to look at any goodbye, an opportunity for a new hello. This time, the same hello, just on a new adventure.

Views I will miss, pt 5

I have often been given free tickets to this venue as I work (well, I left my job to travel two days ago) next door. I know some of the promoters fairly well, meaning that when a gig comes up that I would like to see I have been lucky enough to get my name on the guest list. Certainly a privilege I am going to miss!

Also, check this sunset as I travelled to the gig. We don’t often get to see the sun setting here, so when we do it is an occasion, and not many sunsets have beaten this one. It’s even more interesting as it comes at a time when the sun is now setting on my life in the UK.

But back to the gig. This time it was Mac Demarco. He’s a very funny guy with some catchy tunes, if you haven’t heard of him here is a great interview on the viral channel First We Feast and its series ‘Hot Ones’.

It was certainly the most lively crowd I have seen here. One guy managed to sneak a skateboard in, how I have no idea, and one fan appeared to wave his crutch around as if he didn’t need it.

So, that’s the last gig I will attend here for a long time. The good news is music is worldwide as are the artists that create it. I may see this Canadian artist again somewhere, sometime.

Views I will miss, pt 4

This is my local, just around the corner from my house. Admittedly I don’t stop by this place as much as I should but it is great to know it is there for me when a pint is needed.

This was taken last night, it was shortly after my last day at work and as much as I am excited to move on, it was pretty emotional. They were kind to me. A brand new wallet with a bunch of notes stuffed in to help me stay on my feet when I get there. Also, this card.

And on the back!

It’s weird that everything I’m doing here may be the last for a long time, at least it means everything I do from now on is probably going to be a first.

Views I’m going to miss, part. 3

The Tyne Bridge. 

I walk by it almost every day. I certainly see it everyday, often in the distance. Always there in view from constantly differing angles via windows, water reflections and the seemingly infinite obstructions in everyday city life.

The awesome thing is, I will be heading to a world class city that has a very similar bridge, reason being it was built by the very same people, travelling across the world to spread their influence and design. A good example of what I meant by my earlier post remembering home.

I’m sure many people don’t know the story behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I don’t mind and it doesn’t reduce my sense of pride.

I wonder how many people have noticed this…

It is strange to think most places I will go in the next few days may be the very last. Lane7 is another great venue in Newcastle, not just because of the activities to accompany the bar and restaurant but because their brand logo reads exactly the same upside down.

Cool huh?

Another reason is that this is my idea of heaven. 

One day I will live in a house with this as a basement…

One day.