My first purchase in Sydney

I’ve been thinking about this so much that I had actually forgotten to blog about it. I thought I did, in fact what I did blog about was that I had to wait for a certain date to hit and after that I would provide an update. So this is the update, the one that I thought I put out that was purely in my head all along.

I’m not there yet, hence why nothing is upside down.
I got a ticket to see Muse in Sydney!  And I learned a lesson in the process. 

Sometimes it is better to just relax and not create a false sense of urgency. It can be a distraction and  make things play on your mind when they really don’t need to. I managed to miss the Muse presale and the presale by the ticket provider that was on offer a little longer. For that reason I stayed up til 3am (noon in Sydney) to make sure I got a ticket. I thought they would disappear fast with such huge demand and with Sydney and Melbourne being the only gigs announced in this continent since 2013. 

Then, a problem occurred.

A friend that I haven’t seen for a few months stopped by, meaning we had a few drinks. A few turned into a few more. I got that drunk that by 3am I had to not just concentrate on putting in the correct payment details but to find the strength to push the keys. I haven’t been that drunk for a while.

I didn’t get a ticket that night. I needed an Australian phone number. I tried again the following evening in my hotel room whilst I was in Edinburgh (sober this time) and it still didn’t take my mobile number, despite stating I could add it by typing ‘+44’ before it. 

‘+44′ had non numerical symbols.

’44’ was not recognised.

Leaving the above out was not recognised as an international number. 

It was then that I realised something that I didn’t when I was blind drunk. The ‘Don’t have a mobile phone?‘ link in small text beneath. It stated that a landline number could be placed in the box and be applicable. I tried and it allowed me to the next page. 

So here I am, much poorer but much happier!

I was surprised there were tickets, I think I was scarred by my first attempt at a Glastonbury Festival ticket, sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale. 100,000+ tickets sold by 9.20am. Incredible. 

Australia is HUGE and I guess this is a contributing factor. I can attend any gig in the UK and the flight won’t be more than an hour. Over in Oz that might be the driving distance to someone’s local store.

Qudos Arena, Sydney in December. I’ll be blogging. Probably more than usual as I won’t have a voice to speak with. 

I’ll see you there!


Your time is now 

Sometimes it is worth looking at trends to determine if a great opportunity lies ahead, wherever that may be at that time. I have such an opportunity at noon on the 10th of August which I do not want to miss.

I have been reading fan comments whilst Muse have been on tour through throughout Europe and the States. I was able to see them in 2016 on their Drones Tour in Manchester, UK, Drones being their most recent album. It was incredible as I knew it would be from the three previous Muse gigs I have attended since 2006, the first being in my home city of Newcastle.

Newcastle, Nov 16, 2006


My first gig. Ever. Matt the singer/guitarist played part of the song Assassin whilst laid on his back. I also thought that Dom on drums was wearing the Spiderman costume he tends to wear every now and then, looking back at the incredibly pixelated videos taken in 2006 it doesn’t seem so, although it is hard to tell when the video consists of about 50 pixels. Memories can be deceiving.

Leeds Festival, Origin of Symmetry 10th anniversary, 2011


A truly unique experience as it was the tenth anniversary of Origin of Symmetry, and the first time ever that the whole album was played in its entirety. The stage was set up as if the band were playing inside the album cover, with images from the albums artwork animated onto the giant screen behind. Flamethrowers were used and had to be scrapped later in the gig as the flames were so tall it melted/set fire to parts of the stage. Classic Muse. I took this screenshot from their 360 app, which allows you to control the cameras 360 degrees of the whole set with multiple angles to choose from. This, was a very cool idea.

Manchester (Etihad Stadium), Unsustainable Tour, 2013

Despite the unique stage set in Leeds, this was by far the most impressive stage I have seen from these guys, or anyone for that matter.


It was the biggest stage I have ever seen. I found this picture over at MuseWiki that helps to give a little perspective of this particular stadium tour.


Charles the Robot can be seen in the last image, a 16 foot tall robot that sang the lyrics to Unsustainable whilst smoke fired from his ears. Matt wanted the robot to be taller, but was (again) blocked by health and safety. When asked by a fan on Twitter if he was finally able to get a robot to perform on stage, he tweeted:

Better smaller than never, I say!

Manchester (arena), Drones Tour, 2016

I loved this gig because the Drones album (largely relating to the controversial use of drones in war) had a darker vibe, and with this a heavier setlist bringing back some of the rock songs of earlier albums. They also had drones flying about the arena, as well as a huge drone of what appeared to be a black spacecraft or army plane flying around the stage that was in the centre of the arena. After a few beers, I just remember looking up and thinking ‘what the heck is that?!’ as it flew right by. A great memory.


Gigs that were never to be.

Madison Square Garden, Resistance Tour, 2010.

I was in NYC, and my hotel was honestly right across the road from MSG. I could see the main doors to the venue from my window. Not just that, Muse were performing that night. I went over to see if I could get a ticket, very optimistically and remember one of their songs was playing in the lobby. There were no tickets. On the bright side, I did get to do a stadium tour that day, which granted me access to the venue to watch their stage being set up. This was another unique experience that I am chuffed I managed to have. Apologies for the grainy image, this is all I have. I don’t know why I had such a terrible camera back then.


As we were lead into the Knicks changing rooms, I couldn’t help to notice Muse kit boxes along the corridors. I remember feeling a sense of excitement as I could walk around one corner and bump into them at any moment. Sadly, I didn’t.


There was one room. A room with two people standing outside of it, as if something was taking place inside. To this day I am convinced the band were being interviewed inside, however I may never know…

What are they doing in there? I have a right to know…
It was a weird feeling knowing that they could have been right there and all I could do is walk on by. 

Watching the gig back on YouTube, the light show was incredible.

Sydney, 2017?

At noon AEST, I have the opportunity to buy tickets for one of two Australian gigs they have recently announced. Sydney and Melbourne are the first Aussie dates since 2013, I knew it was inevitable from the amount of Australian fans desperately wanting a chance to see them, begging for some tour dates all over their social media. Sadly, I missed it on the pre sale so I will just have to wait for the general sale, but what great timing it will be with me moving to Sydney in September.

Roll on noon on the 10/08/17… I’ve bookedmarked the local timezone for maximum preparation.

I hope my Aussie friends don’t mind as I try to steal a ticket from their beautifully tanned, Muse deprived hands… I’ll make up for it somehow, I promise.

Atheists, what brings out your emotion?

Theists are moved very much by the literature they adhere to. Church services and prayer can also be very touching.

I want believers to understand that this doesn’t have to solely come from religion.

What makes your hairs stand on end? Is it a movie? A book, fiction or non fiction? Is it a piece of music or an album? It could be a moment of magic by your favourite sports star or a lecture by your favourite scientist. 

In recent years the below video has been a piece of music I have very strong feelings for. And the fact that a Japanese fan dedicated his time to making a video for it is great. It was seen by the band and is pretty much the official video now. 

The best thing is, the three part symphony is about a war on earth resulting in humans fleeing to space and being helped by mystical beings, possibly aliens. Part 3 above talks (well, sings) the end of the fighting and humanity asking ‘why can’t we start again?’ post war, although the video tells an entirely different story. No religious influence but amazing nontheless.

There are so many ways we can be moved and although believers find this with religion, it doesn’t have to stop there.

Prizes for God given talents?!

When Ricky Gervais played the role of host at the Golden Globes, he thanked God for making him atheist. What a breath of fresh air that was. Gervais did not believe this, but the statement made the point.

Should we praise talents that are apparently God given? The quick answer is no.

Why would you want to declare your appreciation to a God in front of an audience? I would feel rude.
Rude for accepting money or a prize if the only reason for a win was God’s decision. People do possess natural talents, talents that still require dedication and hard work to maintain. If you win an award, take the praise and give some to those that helped you. If you praise God I will take offence! I do not like a biased God.

The same needs to be said for athletes praying before a sports game. As far as I am aware, this has had no success. Every now and then a player will cross his/her heart immediately after running onto the pitch, a common pre game ritual. On certain days this person will score, some games they will not. So why do the all-time record holders come from many different backgrounds, with many different rituals?

In music, certain bands have declared themselves non religious, choosing not to worry about the repercussions of leaving religion and going on to be very successful as a result. God may be playing an awkward bugger here and messing with our heads for the fun of it OR these bands are choosing to put time and dedication into their own work instead of wasting it on someone unworthy.

My favourite band, Muse, are a great example of this. Without God they have went on to become one of the best live acts of all time. Some songs, mostly written by frontman Matt Bellamy, are critical (or can be perceived as critical) of organised religion and its impact on us as a race. Unnatural Selection starts with a church organ before a guitar riff takes over, going on to deliver the line

”No religion or mind virus, is there a hope that the facts will ever find us”

I love this line, short and to the point. Muse also created a 3-part symphony called Exogenesis on the same album. An incredibly beautiful piece of music telling the story of our human race going to war, fleeing and travelling the universe before realising this will be an endless cycle unless we change.

Tom Kirk, the media manager for the band (hilariously) decided to thank Charles Darwin upon winning an AMA Alternate Rock award in 2010.

Liam Gallagher of Oasis clearly isn’t buiyng the idea of an afterlife, or more so against it in an anti-theist way similar to Christopher Hitchens. He has said:

“I live for now, not for what happens after I die. If I die and there’s something afterwards, I’m going to hell, not heaven. I mean, the devil’s got all the good gear. What’s God got? The Inspiral Carpets and nuns. Fuck that.”

I am sure Liam would feel differently if there were more signs- none of the ‘God makes his presence obvious, you just have to find him‘ nonsense that I have addressed in previous posts. I will create a dedicated post on this soon. This website lists celebrities of an atheist and agnostic nature, providing quotes to back the list up.

Do not worry about the afterlife, many artists who have made a contribution to the world through entertainment will not make it to heavens gate anyway, which is a shame as they are happy to make their presence felt and listen to their devoted followers.

Just don’t call a talent ‘God- given’. It is anything but.