I hope my day improves…

I didn’t have the best start to today. I stared at the empty shampoo bottle that I forgot to replace- again when I stumbled into the shower. I got out and ready, eagerly awaiting my peanut butter and banana on toast. No bananas.

Off to the store I went.

Pie and a pint… Ultimate comfort food? Enjoying a quick bite and blog before work parts us once again.

Headphones on, the cheap plastic pair that I have to wear whilst I look for decent pair that I lost one day before flying to Spain. I plodded along to the relevant aisles. I grabbed what I needed and walked to the checkout, a choice of three very busy tills as the additional seven or eight checkouts were not being used. I haven’t actually seen them in operation, they get as much use as that elevator in The Big Bang Theory. I’m pretty sure they’re props, too.

Aisle 4 it was. As I was just about to place the items onto the conveyor belt (I decided five items were not enough for a basket) the shampoo slipped from the loose grip I had of it. The lid didn’t just fly off it snapped in two, the floor at this moment seeing more shampoo than my hair has in the past 48 hours. 

I was that annoying customer delaying everyone. I was wearing my headphones surely doubling the annoyance, a millennial clearly distracted by music making me incapable of even the simplest of tasks. ‘Sorry about that, I’ll pay for it at the till?’ I asked as the assistant cleaned up the mess.

‘No you will not!’ She replied in a mildly aggressive tone. If anyone was walking by I’m sure they would have assumed that I had asked if I could kick her whilst she was on her hands and knees from the delivery of her response. 

And at times like these such a response is justified. If a response is good willed, awesome. Customer service isn’t always smiles and face stroking, in fact it can seem a little more genuine to me.


If I wasn’t flying to Sydney in September, I probably wouldn’t go to the gym as often. I wouldn’t blog as much. My work ethic wouldn’t be as high. For me to do these things even when I am not feeling it is because I have an end goal. I need something to look forward to no matter how big or small, so when I lose motivation or inspiration I remember that in the end it always pays off.

A chess board upon a table in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
If I don’t make fun plans for the weekend, my mid-week motivation to eat healthy just isn’t there. It is important for me to give myself a reason to work hard and keep on top of anything. You may be the same. I now have a deadline, one that I enjoy aiming for. I want to lose a few pounds and gain a few in my wallet, blog every day and give myself enough content for a book that I am currently working on. Without the exciting prospect of travel, I would have a terrible time saving money or making time. How could I feel content staying in when my friends are at a bar or spending money on great food? Knowing I have something in the diary, that’s all I need. Don’t get me wrong I love to blog and keep fit, but my alone time isn’t something I want to avoid as much or feel like it should be something to avoid. I prefer to do these alone as my time can be focused purely on my own work.

I won’t give up after September but it will get the ball rolling. I am sure the ball will keep rolling with new stories to talk of, new opportunities to learn and new people to meet.

Many people I encounter daily don’t have such inspiration yet if they give themselves that date to work towards, there is an excuse to make tomorrow different and escape the pattern that takes the wind from our sails.

So long, procrastination!


Achieve goals on the way to achieving goals

I try to be creative when I can. It’s how I find motivation for the things I don’t have much motivation for. 

Take exercising for example. I find it incredibly dull. My main aim this year is to take a year out and explore a country. I’m thinking Australia as it is a corner of the world I have yet to visit and the visa for Brits is not too difficult to obtain. This is a big goal, no doubt about it.

I also want to eat healthy. I’m tired of that repetitive false promise to myself that it will start tomorrow. We always choose tomorrow as it never comes. So for me, planning a move in August will give me a good few months to work on my work out. I have started walking to and from work, a good 35 minute walk either way. I find jogging boring, however skating fun. So the skateboard it is, I often lose myself in my own world and have done a mile more than I would have on foot. Even if it isn’t as demanding, I will do it more often. I may learn a new trick in the process, a mini goal that will motivate me to keep up the skating and exercise, saving money that I would be spending on food and helping the goal of moving abroad in my sights.

My goal to travel is like the first skittle in a bowling alley. If I hit that one, others will probably get moving, too. Travel, healthier living, new skills and increased performance in my hobbies, all improve once there is a single goal to aim for. There are opportunities on the way to a goal, not just in achieving the goal itself.

Alcohol IS a depressant

So today I decided to open up my laptop and further my book writing. I am 65k words into it, it still needs plenty of work before it goes anywhere. I have a few beers left in the fridge from a friend visiting the other day and thought it would be nice to relax and let inspiration find me.

I was wrong. I haven’t felt so pessimistic. What previously was a ‘hey, that goes really well there’ turned into a ‘what was I thinking?’.

So there is a lesson I have learned. Coffee on a morning and water on an evening if I want to publish otherwise I won’t leave the drawing board I keep going back to.


Unlike most people, I’m unable to hold a conversation around the water cooler about the latest series on Netflix. I just can’t keep that level of focus on something like a television series. It would genuinely be an acheivement if I could sit through an entire episode of something. Comedies are an exception. The Big Bang Theory for example, I can have that on in the background and still enjoy the humour. A joke is a joke, I don’t need to religiously watch the first 4 or 5 series for it to make sense. That’s the beauty of it. Anything that requires my full uninterupted attention is asking way too much. 

I would much rather practice some chords or a new song. Go out and learn a new skateboard trick than go for a run. Maybe put a new blog post out there. Something that requires me to be creative and sharpen my skills. I cannot help but to feel time is slipping by whenever I am not working or learning. As if an egg timer is in the corner of my vision, no matter how much I try to distract myself from it, it is there. Ticking away. 

If I was to watch Game of Thrones (which does seem an excellent show) it wouldn’t take long to start thinking outside of the storyline. How long did the cast work on their performance? How many career opportunities will open up thanks to this break? How can I be successful and acheive my personal goals like they have?

Anyone else think in a similar way? Does this drive cause unhelpful worry that I’m not doing enough in life? Maybe it good to have switch off button from time to time?

‘Great’ Britain

Oh Blighty. The same country that triumphed in the Battle of Britain falls to it’s knees after a couple inches of devils dandruff (or Jesus jizz, if you will) begins to lay. 

I think our work ethic dies the second a snowflake falls. Since school, winter weather has been a great excuse for us all to have the day off and  adulthood hasn’t prevented the same excuse year after year. I can already sense the phone about to go crazy with colleagues buried alive in the inch high snow, unable to make it in despite their best of efforts and incredible desire for work. Yawn.

I wonder how many would somehow make it to work against such extreme, death defying odds if they were offered a pay rise for the effort? Probably in record time, too.

To the countries out there that manage to function daily in snow storms on a genuinely severe scale, I salute you!