Just because you aren’t seen doesn’t mean you aren’t doing great

I love looking from my current location toward the city centre. The huge skyscrapers huddled together in a space 1cm across. In that space are what, tens of thousands of people? Hundreds of thousands? 

Each pixel will possess hundreds of unique stories. The people in there doing fantastic or inspirational things with fascinating life stories. But from here, what makes one pixel different to the last? Nothing. It all blends into one as if those stories aren’t there.

Do you wish your blog was viewed more? More likes and interaction? More people appreciating the hard work and effort put in and the incredible stories you have to share? Those people are out there, they just can’t appreciate it if you are out of view. 

Imagine this skyline at night with all the lights turned off. Every blog post turns a light on in your building, one by one. Eventually that building will be seen for miles and miles and will get heads turning. It may become the most noticeable building out there. That’s a bit like blogging in my opinion. Keep posting and keep switching those lights on, sooner or later your audience will have little reason to look anywhere other than your way. 

Keep blogging!


Why am I stuck in England?!

A fisherman waits patiently near the ocean at Seaforth, Sydney.

‘Why am I stuck in England?’ a question asked rethorically by a friend today whilst she watched a video of the Phillipines online. I think the channel was ‘Unilad Travel’, a page that posts numerous videos and images onto Facebook daily. I see these comments every now and then on social media and it really makes me think. 

Firstly, no one is ‘stuck’. Unless you are from North Korea or a small handful of other very oppressive nations, or have another extreme circumstance holding you back. If you have the ability to post on Facebook and have enough leisure time to blog, stuck is probably a complete exaggeration.

Secondly, the time and effort put into social media posts could easily be used towards travel goals. Save, choose where you want to go and go. Whether it takes 3 weeks or 3 years it can be done and that day will one day be tomorrow. 

This fisherman didn’t whine about not being able to fish today. He realised he wanted to and did it. If you feel stuck, realise it is probably your mind that is causing the block and not the things around you. Become unstuck!

The train that never comes 

I love this shot taken today, the reflection of an underground station appears as a ghost station further down the street. People are apparently seated in preparation for its arrival.

Some people wait for this train, not right here but in life. Instead of realising that the train will never come, they insist on waiting and using faith to remain convinced. Personally, I like to get up and move on. I cannot wait for too long. 

Every moment we are seated we are wasting an opportunity to do something. To wait is to procrastinate. I want to live a life in which I am waiting for others less and making the moves myself, that is when the satisfaction comes about.

Are you someone that waits at that station, or makes your own way to the destination?

Scratch your name 

There is something beautiful about carving your name into history when it isn’t in a toilet cubicle.

This was below a bar if you’re wondering, I took a snap whilst waiting to be served.

When it is welcomed it’s fun. It is fascinating to read who it is and when it was, where they are from and the reason for being there. I love being able to glimpse into the lives of other people, even if it is for a second.  Whole lives glanced at for a few short moments, marriages and anniversaries, birthdays and first dates… Interesting stories that would be missed if I was to simply look elsewhere.

This is our everyday. We walk by amazing stories daily without knowing, as do others when they walk right by us. I built a tolerance for other people in the street when they seem mad, rushed or genuinely ignorant when I considered the fact that they may have similar problems to me. It is easy to judge a person instantly without the experience behind the scenes.

Thankfully, everyone seems content in this image, even Lucky despite losing her phone and wallet.

If you can’t be lucky, be happy.


Shape life before it shapes you

A wind bent tree is shackled by its roots. It cannot evade, only endure. This picture was taken on a very windy day on the Isle of Wight, I was sitting inside a car which explains the reflection. It also reflects my current thoughts.

IMG_0275 (3)

So many factors contribute to how we currently feel. Our jobs, relationships, health, wealth, social status, location, the weather…The list goes on for as long as we want it to. 

Some of these cannot be controlled, some can. Although it is important that we make the most of what we are able to control, it is vital to react positively to what we cannot. I have found that throughout life I have often reacted badly to what I cannot control and for that, have dramatically reduced my productivity with what I can change. 

As with any time period, we have to accept that society will mould us to a certain degree. That we are victims of circumstance that may deprive us of education and freedom, creativity and opportunity. With that being said, some of the most successful and inspirational people among us have had that same burden. We can reduce the degree in which it affects us.

The ability that we possess that a tree does not is that we can resist. We can move and rebel, relocating away from that heavy pressure of society and into a place in which those strong winds launch us forward instead of hold us back. It’s simply about looking in the right places and being willing to change direction. 

A seemingly impossible climb can become the easiest walk with a simple 180.

Is it Friday yet?

Does anyone have a day of the week that they hate more than the usual suspect Monday?

I started typing this yesterday, hence the reference.

The fun part about leaving a job I have been in for a pretty long time is that those last few weeks are actually very enjoyable. I remember that Friday feeling in school, I still had to work but knowing the weekend was coming got me through. August is that Friday for me. I feel relaxed as the sun sets on this particular job and time in my life.

My aim is to live a life that consists purely of that Friday feeling. We all do. The days of the week were created by people and with that, the Monday to Friday work schedules. Working in hospitality I don’t often get the weekends off, if anything it helps me see how commonplace the 9-5 is. Seeing the waves of people pile onto the streets from the underground stations at 8.30am on Monday and fill the pubs by 5.30pm Friday, we really are fixed to a certain course. Friday is the day in which the lead is taken away from our neck and we get to run around with the other humans for a little bit.

But be back by Monday.


It is great to have that mutual celebration on Friday afternoon cheering on the next two days of freedom, but the more we live like everyone else the less we get to tell a unique story. The less fuel to provide a story that is different from the rest and certainly less time to experience one. I find blogging is an escape from this as it is the channel in which I get to express the most freedom. I post when I want about what I want. No deadlines or word counts. This is also one of the reasons I am looking forward to travelling so much. The extra freedom to blog without the constraints of my working life holding me back, as temporary as this may turn out to be. If I ever get combine the two, I will be very happy indeed.

Have a great Tuesday… and make it as Friday as possible.

Your the key to you’re success

I find some people are unwilling to accept help or advice if it exposes a personal flaw. People are very reluctant to receive constructive criticism, rightly so if it is done in a condescending fashion.

I personally love my own flaws being exposed. That one moment and acknowledgement of imperfection helps me to become that little bit closer to perfection in whatever it was I was doing at the time. 

Question. If you are reading a post, Facebook status or watching someone create an email in which they type ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ and you are with the author, would you tell them? I don’t think it is a bad thing to do so. If it is considerate and good willed, I don’t see the problem. The problem is so many people would rather shun the correction and try to preserve pride, although that pride is an illusion as people pretend there wasn’t a mistake in the first place.

I have just read a post by a very ambitious, highly driven person right before this post and thought I’d ask. There is no quicker way to success than getting help along the way. Accepting it costs nothing, but may be invaluable.