My first Australian dollars 

British money being waterproof is great because it rains. Australian money being waterproof is great because sweating is something I will do excessively there.

Australia is not in Europe, but it is real.

After a mild panic attack at the thought of buying flights to a fictional country, I sat and looked at my dollars. My Auntie gave me them, more than she should have. As she won’t be able to make it up to see me before I leave, she put the money it would have cost for transport in a card. I would have refused if she was here personally. I will ensure it is put to good use.

I like the colour. One thing I prefer Aus $ over US $ is the colouring. I wouldn’t care which I had in my wallet though, it would mean I was travelling somewhere and currency doesn’t rival experience.

For now, it is a bookmark for this book she also bought me as a little present. A fun read!

Tomorrow I will be in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. Expect photos of weird and wonderful street acts and beautiful architecture.


Spain: 4 days to go

Today, it is all about the Euro. Many of you liked yesterdays post so I thought it would make sense to let you all in on my next few days worth of plans (or lack of), before boarding that plane to the Mediterranean.

For the record I am not taking much money to Spain. Roughly…hold up, where is the Euro symbol on my keyboard?!

*does a quick Google*

*Alt+E doesn’t work, grabs iPhone*

Roughly €500. €400 of that will be on a Travel Card, the rest you can see in cash. Now, back to the laptop.

I will probably take the least amount of money out of my friends, I don’t feel I will need as much money this time around. It is only for a week and it won’t be involving many costly activities or travel outside of the resort. I will buy cheap food, drink and the occasional taxi to and from popular districts. I also need to save £3000 for Australian customs later in the year, I have been warned that not having this amount in my bank account is enough for them to turn me away, and I don’t want to travel for 35 hours to be turned away.

It seems this isn’t often checked but that is not a risk I want to take. Sometimes in life risks are the best things we ever do, other times they are just plain silly and if anything, hinder any opportunities awaiting us. Can you imagine the awkwardness of a 35 hour flight back? I hate being rejected from a bar for being too drunk let alone an entire country.


I have found Travel Cards to be very useful. Mine is operated by MasterCard and therefore can be used anywhere (in certain countries only) for up to three years. Any bars, restaurants, ATM’s. I was warned there would be a (grabs iPhone) €2 charge at ATM’s but with no charge for using the card directly anywhere this won’t be a problem. I would much prefer to lose a card and be able to cancel it instantly than lose a whole wad of notes with colours almost as bright as the sun. The kind of notes Hubble would be able to detect on the surface of Mars… whilst it was observing Jupiter.

Are you one to take plenty of money on a trip, or does it depend on where you are heading? I have never been one to take extortionate amounts, then again any long term travel I have done was paid for by working out there, thankfully I was paid by my current job half way through my months travel in Brazil last year. It has been a long time since I went on the typical week or two week holiday, in fact it is the first ‘lads’ holiday I have taken in my life, tradition for males in their 20’s.

27 isn’t too late, right?


I woke up today stinking of smoke. Sitting around the fire after a birthday BBQ, drunken conversations ’til 3am and a dozen topics of conversation.

One was the classic ‘What would you do if…’ question and what we would all do if we were millionaires. 

‘I wouldn’t want to be too rich. Give me £1,000,000 and I will be happy’. I hear this a lot.

Tai Lopez calls money ‘freedom units’. I think that’s a great term, money doesn’t bring happiness but it certainly brings a great deal more freedom and opportunity.

How long would £1,000,000 last? Personally, I would not be happy with that sum if I was to be offered more. Not that I’m greedy, I would just love all the possibilities and freedom.
Would I want enough to simply get by? Screw that. The world needs more people putting money into great opportunity and progression. Look at Elon Musk, is he worried about buying everything and becoming depressed? Forgetting his roots and the value of money for the 99%? No, he is too busy aiming to get humans populating another planet in our lifetime. I don’t have the intelligence to achieve something like that but with the right money, I would make sure I would speak to the people that could.

For me, given the opportunity for huge wealth only to refuse it, is a wasted opportunity. A lack of imagination. A missed opportunity to get my ideas out there and be the change I want to see in the world. It wouldn’t be a breath of fresh air to make the humble decision to stay grounded, the ground is full of idiots. Let’s get away from it as soon as we are capable, too many people want to keep us here and in the past. There are a few people out there offering a much needed change and I certainly want to join them. 

Of course, I can only talk from my experience of not being a millionaire, it’s easy for me to say these things. Who knows, one day there may be an opportunity to stand by my word, life’s better with a little optimism.

Why worry? It’s only money!

First things first. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have the 20p coin in my wallet to complete the set. So close to a full house!


My sister is much better with her finances. I’m not one to splash out the second payday arrives, however she actually plans in advance. My flatmate is no better, he is in fact much worse, spending money I wish I had on items that aren’t necessities. 

He earns a lot more than I do, so I have to make a fair comparison. I was having a few beers with both my sister and flatmate recently, it was amusing to watch the pair- polar opposites- have a chat. 

He is in debt, but who isn’t? He was quick to defend his lifestyle before my sister had the chance to have an input. ‘It’s only money at the end of the day’. 

I have to state that this wasn’t said in an irresponsible, careless manner. He simply knows what he wants in life and if it’s a little out of reach, he will grab it with both hands and let the bank chase him afterwards. We both went to Brazil last year and Malaysia a couple years before that with a group of friends, holidays not possible without spending a little more than we had.

My bank balance says I can’t, my desire says otherwise
He has the same outlook on life as I do. Not an atheist, but someone that really wants to enjoy life and not let things like money get in the way of achieving this. What is wrong with this outlook? Even my sister related, something I wasn’t expecting to hear at all. She has this you only live once attitude, she enjoys it after saving long and hard for it. 

In reality, we need money. Yet there are many people out there that are so obsessed with saving money they aren’t living, or end up dying before the opportunity comes. Save until retirement? I wish my dad lived long enough to do just that. 

Life is too short to worry about things that prevent us from living. 

Honesty is best viewed with clarity

A crisp, unfolded £20 note lay there, as if fresh off the print. Glaring at me from the ground next to the counter as the man serving me took my order.

I could have taken it, who would know? Instead I thought how annoyed I would be if I was the one who had the misfortune of losing it. It couldn’t have been there long, who wouldn’t notice that in front of them? Maybe the clumsy owner will run back into the store any second after realising.

I stood there with it in my hand for a good few seconds whilst the oblivious staff member was going about his business. I want to be the best person I can be, it does weigh on my conscience if I feel I am being sly or misleading in any way, but what if I actually dropped the note and didn’t realise I had it in the first place? What if the person that dropped it is a horrible person? What if I give it to the staff to look after in case someone claims it, and they just use it for post-work drinks? 

It does feel rather stupid at times being honest when I know how many people wouldn’t think twice about pocketing it, and how much easier their day would be with an extra twenty quid. And after all, it is a small sum in the grand scheme of things. Many corporations and governments exploit people for millions and do not think twice about it, sleeping soundly night after night whilst I feel strongly enough to blog about this specific incident.

I gave it to the guy taking my order. He left it at the till however I have no idea of it’s fate. 

Oh well. Money shouldn’t be valued as much as good will. I’d have probably spent it by now anyway.