Unexpected events 

I was going to send another post out this evening, unfortunately I won’t be able to as I have been required to attend not one but two incidents needing first aid. Sorry!

I’m not a paramedic, just the closest person that was first aid trained. It’s strange that something so rarely used is required a couple of hours apart…
I’m also going to revise what I have learned during my training, you never know who will rely on you at any point. Thankfully these weren’t life threatening today but to think one day someone’s life may be in our hands, pretty powerful stuff. 

As I’ve got a little time I want to give a thank you to everyone that reads my posts, I know the last thank you wasn’t too long ago but you can never give too much love. Stay safe out there!

Pepper and salt on chips and fish

Why is salt and pepper in this order?

Did a group of people back in the day sit down and establish that ‘pepper and salt’ sounded awful? Does ‘salt and pepper’ only sound good because it has been the norm for so long?

I guess it is the same for good and bad, Mr & Mrs, fish and chips, tea and biscuits, Ant and Dec… Mixing up the ‘normal’ order sounds very odd.


The quickest way to achieve perfection is to know we aren’t there yet. I am reminded every day via the things that I do and the people I speak to.

I found this piece of art in São Paulo, the picture really stands out to me. A little dark but begging to have meaning attached by passers by.


I see mistakes as free lessons. If someone criticises me or tells me that I have made a mistake, I listen. They didn’t have to go out of their way to help me improve myself, no matter how harsh or offensive. I take the benefits from the situation and move on. This is small on the scale of facing reality. Even the darkest of situations have benefits for growth.

There must be conversation. The worst thing in the world is to not engage with people that we do not agree with at all. Being so offended that we either turn to violence or ignore people before hearing their side is detrimental to any society. I will happily sit down with anyone if they are willing to sit down with me. No matter how much I disagree, if they value conversation I value them a little bit more. None of us are perfect, and I know that I will have my views challenged. Such challenges are welcomed, they helped me to change plenty of my views growing up and if I was to say that I wouldn’t change another in future, I would be an idiot.

The danger isn’t so much a difference of opinion, it is the lack of willingness to listen to a difference of opinion. We aren’t stuck with a mindset that cannot be changed, our beliefs aren’t mental shackles that we are contained within. The belief, like an outfit we see in a store window, could be yours if you wanted it. We all need to change our outfit once in a while.




Is a valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. Watch it count down to the end of the day the clock ticks life away…

Whenever I start a sentence with the word ‘time’ I think of the above lyrics. They just flow in my head and I have to reconsider my original sentence. Sometimes I just let it out and have the song play in my head for hours as a result.


The lyrics are from the song In The End by Linkin Park, from an album that had a place in my teenage heart back in the early 2000’s. Time, speeding up as we get older, will be around for a long time after we have gone. Our legacy will last even if we don’t.

I read that certain people have been angered recently at McDonald’s for using rainbow containers for their fries. Not at fast food for being unhealthy or anything, at the rainbow and what it represents. It is hilarious to think that the same gay pride haters may be on a surgical table being operated on for a failing heart from constant fast food, relying on someone they hate to save them. Ah, the circle of life.





The above refers to my all time favourite video game, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 

Some people will go down in history for providing so much joy, such as musicians and game developers. Some will go down in history as a hindrance, even if they cannot see it whilst they are alive. The duration of time after you are gone will be much longer than the time you are here. Give them something to appreciate and respect when you aren’t here to speak for yourself.

Destination: Sydney

Time: 00.00

Check online banking. Payday is finally here.

Time: 00.05

I head to the Australian government website and apply for the Working Holiday visa.

Time: 00.35

Online form completed, I eagerly await it being authorised and sent to my inbox.


In fact, as I wake up this morning it seems to have already been granted. Can that really be the case so soon? Not that I am complaining, I remember how long it took to get my J1 Visa in the United States.

A bunch of forms printed, filled in and sent back, an arranged interview at the embassy down in London, train tickets purchased, a day in the embassy, security checks and all belongings taken away from me and finally, a stamp in the passport. Not that I am complaining here either. It was worth it in the end. This wasn’t so straight forward for a friend as he lost one page of his documents on route. He had to wait outside for us and come down another day. Immigration have no time for that.

Their visa was a little different. I had to work for one company for 12 months. With my Aussie visa I can work wherever the work is, as long as it is no longer than 6 months with any employer. Sounds like a good deal to fuel my years holiday. Of course if any company decides to sponsor me I can extend my stay. If I do farm work for three months I will be able to extend for another year. What I find exciting on this trip is that I have no idea where I will be heading in the next few years. Will I head back to Europe? What if I find that special someone and build a family in Australia? Being a single guy in his late twenties is a little strange like that.


I feel everyone has some kind of advantage. If you are in a relationship, awesome. I assume the relationship is one in which both people have similar interests and can feed off each other in terms of inspiration and funds to travel. If you are single you have a free pass to do what you want , when you want with little impact to anyone. Take a week or a year out, it’s up to you. If you are reliant or have someone rely on you, blog about it, tell your story and build a following, your unique perspective of what it is like to travel will be picked up by curious ears I am sure.

This may be the last year I blog from the UK. Thankfully I have a couple of years left of my twenties to blog with as much content as I can, I will make the most of it.

It is amazing that we have the option to follow people as they travel and document their lives through blogs, vlogs and social media. I am sitting here reading about lives in lands that historical populations did not even know existed, wishing I was there as this summers day is so dark I need my standing light on despite being early afternoon. If that doesn’t motivate me to get up and go I don’t know what will.

I will see you all on the other side, I will be here until then if you want me.

First image: Liam Pozz– Unsplash

Second image: Josh Wip– Unsplash

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that has been reading my blog. I’ve enjoyed blogging daily and it seems a few of you have too. I love that I am reading such encouraging feedback along the way, especially from a blog of my nature. 

I will keep delivering the endless thoughts from my cluttered mind, I’m hoping tomorrow to bring an exciting update of my travel plans.

In the mean time, stay sane in this insane world guys! I will speak to you soon.


The system.

What is your excuse for a lack of motivation? This is aimed at myself as much as it is to anyone.

After getting lost in thought walking around my neighbourhood last night I took to my balcony with a beer and listened to a few Joe Rogan podcasts.

I highly recommend this guy, simply YouTube the Joe Rogan Experience and you could spend forever listening to the weird and wonderful guests he has on his show. My personal favourite is Sam Harris, always a fantastic conversation whether it be religion, artificial intelligence or Trump. Almost hitting one thousand shows, there will certainly be one almost tailored for you.

I was listening to Joe taking about his past, how he couldn’t keep a full time job. He becomes obsessed with certain things such as puzzles and playing pool, working a job he doesn’t like certainly isn’t one of these things. Most of us don’t either, we just don’t do enough to escape the role we find ourselves in to keep us going. Many people don’t flick that internal switch that takes us off road into unpredictability, challenge, stress, change. Into the gutter or into the stratosphere. Joe made it, I am confident almost everyone we look up to took the dirt road. We don’t remember those on the safe road, the one with everyone else on it. That is because there are too many people to remember and if they are all going in the same direction, why be remembered?

Not that we should all strive to be remembered. There is nothing wrong with the safe road, there are just plenty of people that want to find a slip-road off it without looking elsewhere. Spending a life complaining about their life and where it is going. That’s not healthy.


It doesn’t help that we are put on a path at such a young age. We spend an eternity not existing and then before we know it, we are all grouped together on these yellow buses. Taken to large halls occupied with adults and white booklets with our names printed on resting on a flat surface with four legs, five feet away from the next kid. These tests often determine the path we head in and into what field. I would love to see the statistics displaying what percentage of people are currently in the fields they wished to be as children, and how many people have had a change in tastes since then.

Why should I chose at such a young age? I could barely write the name I was given let alone know what I wanted to do. It is a strange, strange world we live in, if it doesn’t seem so that is probably because it is all we have ever known.

If it is all we have ever known, is it any wonder we all go through life doing what is expected of us? Religion, the nine to five, the political beliefs… often all stem from the metaphorical yellow buses we spend our lives in. Each bus is different, and this is why I want to travel, to speak to people in different buses and to see which motherfucker is driving that bus. I bet many of them are taking advantage of our sheep like behavior in the rear view mirror.