Gone batty

Went for a walk today with the family, I’ve never actually seen bats during the day time.

I’ve also never seen so many bats. I imagine the horror walking down this path at night with a torch and seeing a hundred of the upside down creatures staring straight at me. Spine tingling.

Fun alternative fact: The bats are only upside down as we are in Australia.


The thirty minute work break

I am very fortunate to say I have found employment shortly after landing in Sydney. Not everyone does but because I have have years of hospitality experience, I had a couple interviews in my first few days and one place offered me work the following week. 

If I am to be realistic about my travels, I have to sacrifice some free time for a wage. One thing I dislike about hospitality is the thirty minute break.

I’m blogging whilst on it actually. I’ve found a nearby food mall and I’m trying to balance eating and blogging. By the time I leave the workplace, I’ve lost two minutes. By the time I reach the nearest place to sit and eat, I only have 25 minutes left. Well, not really as I have to take into account the five minute walk back so I have 20 minutes to chill. Take into account the queue and ordering process it might take 5 minutes to get my food, I have 15 minutes max to rush my food. I’m more grateful for employment, of course.

Ironically, my break is the busiest time of day, the only part the shift many people don’t get paid for. 

Isn’t life strange?!

The best view from a zoo

A giraffe eats dinner whilst overlooking the Sydney skyline.

Seeing a giraffe is always an awesome experience. Add the Sydney skyline to that and there really isn’t many better sights anywhere.

This was my view when I took the ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo. The ferry ride is always a fun one, the journey a very short one.

Getting up to the zoo is great. A cable car ride can be taken (one way or a return journey) with some even greater views high above the ground below.

This was a very rushed and fairly last minute look around the zoo, so apologies for the lack of content this time around. If I am back here again I will be sure to take much more time. I always prefer to see animals in the wild however, and this is my aim. Hopefully I find some great photo opportunities in the next twelve months with this in mind!