Another day, another way!

What I love about Sydney is the countless ways I can get into the CBD. There are so many wharfs! Today I decided to get the ferry from one of the countless terminals dotted around Sydney’s coastline.

Today’s journey, Neutral Bay (centre of image) to Circular Quay.

Because there are so many, the demand doesn’t seem to be so great. There was an exception to this recently during a very busy and warm weekend trying to get the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly, a very popular beach town (top right of the map). It was rammed, so much so that I had to wait for a second ferry as the first was at full capacity. This doesn’t seem to be commonplace though, each of my journeys has resulted in me finding a seat very easily and not having to give it up for someone that needs it more. The service reminds me more of a bus service with stops just down from streets and residential areas, one of the three stops today picked up a family. How cool is it that a ferry can stop solely to pick you up?


As I have said before, I recommend taking a different route to work if possible. It takes the boring, repeated routine out of life and spices the day up a little. Even if we can mix our day up a tiny bit in some way, we loosen those shackles that society and employment place us in that little bit more. By changing the daily routine, we gain a little more control.

To infinity!




I’m always wary when something specific is recommended on the menu to me. It is either because it is in demand, or they have too much and they want to get rid of the stock. I found a fried chicken stall on the way back from the gym (yep, a step in the wrong direction) and couldn’t resist. It was just too tempting.

Taiwanese fried chicken nuggets with a bunch of seasoning and a tonne of garlic.

It is safe to say this was a great purchase. I’m now content for my ferry ride home.

Travel Diaries: Manly to Circular Quay ferry

There really aren’t many better ferry journeys in the world.

Manly is a suburb north of Sydney and can be reached by ferry in just 30 minutes. Yesterday I took the ferry from Manly- great for surfing and if you want a laid back vibe outside of the busy city- to Circular Quay. Here are the photos from this ride. Enjoy!

Coincidentally on the same day, one of the fast ferries crashed into the wharf, injuring some passengers and causing quite a bit of damage to the vessel. More can be read here on the Daily Telegraph.

I guess the message from this post is that if you feel like your days are becoming routine, try another route to work. One that makes the day that little bit more interesting, new views and new people. 

Just stay safe!

Travel diaries: Tackling wildfires 

Helicopters control bush fires at Manly Dam, Sydney. 

I don’t often post videos to my blog as it takes precious battery/time however I felt this one deserved an upload.

(Warning, weird accent ahead)

What an amazing sight this was. It wasn’t a wild fire but back burning, controlled fires to help prevent the chance of a wildfire. I didn’t actually know this was a thing coming from England, the U.K. doesn’t generally have this issue in the summer months. The problem is finding a spot dry enough to start a fire…

The helicopters flew directly overhead. One seemed to hover around the flames, I’m guessing to monitor it and feed back updates. The other was picking water up but I didn’t actually see it drop water onto the affected area. Was it simply a practice session? I guess so.

What amazes me is that they can create fires this big that don’t actually spread. It was a calm day, no winds which helped a lot. Has anyone else seen this before? I’d love to know. 

Safe travelling!