‘First, let me say that I’m unspeakably grateful to call the one true living God, Creator of everything, my God, my Savior, my Lord.’

‘First, let me express my gratitude for emailing our company. Here at ‘x’ we take great pride in ‘y’ and…’

They both sound exactly the same to me. When I email a company, they often start by thanking me and incorporating their mission statement into this. The same when I call or even speak face to face. It happens a lot. It’s business.


Is religion business? Damn right it is. Religions adopt social media, post gestures of their good will and acts of kindness after a tragedy, ask for money… I don’t see a difference other than with companies offering a product, you get what you ask for with the right money. Sadly, religion doesn’t offer this until a lifetime of contribution has been devoted. Basically, when you are no longer alive enough to keep their ball rolling.

I hear all kinds of motto’s/phrases/slogans when a theist answers a question on behalf of God. Personally, I do not think it is very healthy. I barely enjoyed repeating the customer service scripture when I was paid to do so by a company, why would I be in a hurry to do it when I don’t have to work for free?

We are all slaves to life in one way or another. I think it is important to acknowledge this is the case as best we can, even if we cannot do anything about it. It might help to expose the times we can escape it, with glorious benefits.


‘While people are struggling unhappily in the cities against the cruel authorities, a waterfall happily and cheerfully flows in the nature; there is happiness only if there is freedom!’- Mehmet Murat İldan

You could argue that a waterfall is also obeying laws. That it isn’t free at all. These are pictures I snapped from both the Brazillian and Argentinian side of the Iguazú Falls during my trip to South America.


Have you ever watched a leaf or branch make such a journey down a fall? Within seconds it goes from the edge above to the plungepool below. The sheer size of this thing makes a roar, despite every droplet of water contributing for only a brief moment. Humans are very similar. Our lives are like a waterfall, we only experience life very briefly, we come, we go, the roar is made from the societies we build along the way. The jet engines and police sirens, the subways and the laughter. We contribute as individuals yet not enough to make the whole thing fall apart once our contribution has ended.

What makes every drop of water different? Nothing really. What makes us differ from one another? Do we differ that much? This is one reason why I left religion.

I can’t be too individual nor do I want to. I don’t mind the clothes I wear and the food I eat, enough to refrain from creating or finding my own. I need society as much as it needs me. I want to make the most of my life without completely adhering to everything that is expected of me. I am not an atheist to be rebellious. I do it because I cannot live my life like water during its descent, making up the numbers and fitting in. Life is too short to believe what you are told to and to enjoy life in the same fashion. Life is too beautiful to only consider enjoying after asking permission from oppressive, religious minds.


I can’t escape the end, I can look on from a distance until the day comes that I am eventually swept away with it. Enjoy life and every breath until then.


‘At what age do you think it is appropriate to inform your children that they have no legitimate purpose in life and that no matter what they do it will be for nothing?’

I have sympathy for anyone that possesses such pessimism when contending my world view. If a road has an end, why shouldn’t I enjoy the ride?

Do such parents use the same logic when they are watching a movie or reading a book? Playing in a water park or listening to an album? All of these fun activities have an ending, an expiration date. I would never be selfish enough to tell my children, if I do one day have children, to refrain from enjoying our precious time on earth because one day it will be gone. If anything, each splash in the water park will be cherished greatly. I have more reasons to take my children places. To be that hurt by such a prospect that you inflict negativity onto your children, that is a very shitty move.

Be a better parent than that. Maybe then children won’t have to worry about what their parents think and of their own personal choices in life. Sadly, too many adults punish children for not fitting into the family ‘criteria’.

Your preferred view of this world will not effect reality but if you let your children be free to make their own decisions, their lives may one day change our reality for the better.


Don’t be lied to. It’s a pretty impossible task as the recipient, yet you are able to limit the chances by filtering out the right people from your life.

Photo credit: Kristina Flour- Unsplash.
‘By intention, atheists have taken it upon themselves to militantly enforce their dispirited worldview upon the rest of us.’

I am yet to turn on the news to a story proving this claim. If religious fundamentalism wasn’t so rife, atheism wouldn’t be so opposing. When another Bangladeshi blogger is hacked to death in the street, the perception of morality is turned on its head once again. It’s a great shame that any criticism of religious violence is seen as immoral. I see people lying about the dangers of atheism daily and I know to not take such claims seriously. I also know when it is done for the benefit of the liar.

No-one is being threatened by atheism. If you are homophobic, against women’s rights, or against blasphemy maybe your beliefs are indeed under an attack, an attack looking for equality. If you do feel threatened, do you assume you are God? If you choose to take offence on behalf of God, consider your reasons for doing so. Leave the worry to God. You’re the employee that was never employed. Take off the name badge and work for yourself.

The truth will set you free, it’s a shame so many people desire divine guidance that creates such divide between people.



A cross and statue of Virgin Mary (out of view) overlooking a town in Maragogi, Brazil.

It is interesting that we mourn those that are no longer with us despite suffering only being inflicted upon the ones that are still breathing.

It took me a couple of years to get over an existential crisis, one that had me struggling to cope with the fact that I was forced into existence 27 years ago and one day will be forced out of it. It isn’t the mentality I choose to adopt, it morphed into this uncomfortable perception around mild episode of mental illness. A passenger on a roller-coaster with no control over the destination, the ups and downs of life coming and going, riding the wave with no control over where the wave is taking me. It was the worst feeling in the world.
I can cope with reality today, some days more than others. One thing I cannot cope with is the idea that we are born, need to believe or fully commit to a religion or face an eternal punishment for failing to do so. The kind of person that has the nerve to utter such words is person I have no respect for. They say hate is a strong word and for those that can honestly say they don’t dislike anyone enough to hate, I feel they aren’t being honest with themselves.

‘If you’re struggling to find God, you aren’t looking in the right places.’

‘Lose yourself in scripture or find a place of worship, maybe then you will find God.’

‘You aren’t praying or praying hard enough.’

‘You need another outlook on life, you are seeking truth in the wrong way.’

How about stop telling me what I should be doing to meet your ideals? If a vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, I don’t tell them ways to find meat. They don’t want it and it is a pointless conversation. If I don’t want to put effort into finding God, don’t give me tips to find him. That isn’t what I am looking for. I am looking to meet people in my life that come to me as often as I see them and if I have to put effort into finding God, he isn’t worth my time. I’ve got shit to do.


Photo taken outside of the Texas State Capitol, Austin.

Many protesters we see on our streets are ones that are content with a world of sin, not asking questions of a God but of the sinful people that are a the direct result of Gods actions. I guess it could be compared to hating the robber that robbed your store although he had a gun to his head and had no other option…


We are a species that fights for it’s rights, values freedom and evades oppression, usually when it is humans on the other end causing such inequality. Why not look at the person with the trigger finger? How effective would fighting for justice be in a world corrupted with sin overruled by a God that cannot do anything about it?


Unknown priveleges

The american lady on the left has been to every Olympic Games since 1984. She told me that she is writing a book that I have to look out for, I have the name of it written down somewhere. I am sure ‘1984’ has already been taken…

Her pet dog seemed surprisingly composed on the subway, accepting the belly rubs and neck tickles from commuters in the packet carriage, travelling from the Maracanã to Rio.


It seems that we pay more for things we enjoy. Pets go free, it’s not like they are there to enjoy and appreciate what we do. I guess it has to do with demand, the more dogs request to attend sport events and concerts, things may change. This dog was completely oblivious to the magnitude of the event, and what it symbolized. He was also unaware of how much we had to pay for a ticket and how lucky he is to attend without spending a penny.

I see life in a similar fashion. I want to acknowledge each moment as best as I can whilst I am still here and try to make sense of this crazy world without the various forces making this difficult. Social influence, men with machine guns, cognitive bias, we face a lot of obstacles telling us what we should believe. Unlike this cute pet, we have the option to enjoy this moment and not be oblivious to the truth if we really want to and I really, really want to know the truth that is out there hiding behind such bias.

Care to join me? There’s a seat, in fact there are plenty…


I would love for my blog to continue growing and to hear your stories. Thank you to my followers for inspiring me to keep posting. By following my blog, belly rubs and neck tickles are coming your way.