On top of the world

Blogging is great therapy. My daily routine has changed completely since deciding to write every day and with that, my motivation to do so much outside of blogging. It is like obtaining a master key but not to enter a room, to escape one. A dark room that left little desire to spread a message, one that I wouldn’t want to spread without a healthy frame of mind.


That master key thankfully works to unlock so much more. I get out of bed earlier. I have breakfast. I will do twenty push-ups if I know I won’t be able to go to the gym today. I spend the day looking around for motivation for my next post instead of looking for a clock telling me when I will be able to go back to bed. I have more reason to get out of bed and more meaning to my days between sleeping.

Healthy eating is another, I don’t need to seek as much happiness from junk food. I have never been a very unhealthy eater but I am still seeing benefits. There is less boredom in my day, less desire to find excitement in areas that don’t benefit my body and mind. If my mind is constantly stimulated I have less time to rest my head on that pillow of procrastination. It is simple but effective. I used to be Indiana running away from work ethic, I prefer to be the ball of motivation chasing my doubts and pessimism away. Once it is rolling, it is much harder to slow down.


I enjoy being the ball.

I am saving money as I am not spending it trying to pass time. Saving for greater things to blog about. You will see where it takes me in the next few months, providing I don’t lose my passport before then. Ah! There is another positive. I don’t hate waiting for fun things I have planned later in the year as I am having fun today. They say good things come to those who wait. Why wait, and why not have fun everyday? It is possible. There is a huge wasted opportunity when living for something you have planned later in the year. All attention is on that calendar date and crossing the boxes until it arrives. What happens to the days that have been crossed off? Were they just seen as stepping stones? Each one consists of 24 hours, that is a huge chunk of time to let slip by. After a few of these it isn’t days but life that is slipping by. Don’t make that mistake.


The more I aim to do the worse I feel when I do not keep busy. As long as this busy consists of things that I enjoy, I feel good. It has been said that one of the biggest regrets from people on their death bed is working too hard. I believe that if work is your ambition and consisting of things you enjoy, it won’t be work. Our aim is to find work that we want to do, not that we need to do to keep going.

If I can live a life mostly consisting of what I enjoy, I will feel good. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best day is today. There is no quicker way to get to where you want than to start right now, and hopefully I will not have to ride so many cable cars to feel like I am on top of the world.


Toilet wall inspiration 

What’s better than a first birthday party? The first birthday party of a cool bar! 

Hey guys, I have been on annual leave for the past fortnight and as many of you will know, this doesn’t always mean more leisure time. One of my best friends has an incredibly busy and enviable social life and I really don’t know when his work life ends and social life begins, in fact I don’t think it can be distinguished. With that I am often dragged along- tired but appreciatetive-to many different events. Yesterday wine tasting. Today, a bar celebrating one year of success.

I found this yesterday in a new hotel in the city (whilst really needing to pee). I never thought my inspiration for the day would be at a urinal but I thought I would share it.   Enjoy!



If a team of scientists could create a ‘human 2.0’, do you think they would see the flaws in eating and breathing out of the same hole? Our current ‘design’ shows as much intelligence as building a play ground next to a highway. 

Just because we are the most dominant species does not mean we are without flaw. A Nokia 3310 was arguably the best phone of it’s time, was it the best a phone could get? It’s hard to see how something can be bettered, until something better comes along.

Even if God created man, this alone does not give him the instant right to rule over us! It gives him as much right as the Roman Empire had ruling much of Europe, simply because it could. Respect should be earned and not demanded because of strength and power.

Why do people accept the idea that we are put through a ‘test’ that makes life difficult and makes us stronger? To prepare for the future is not a valid answer, why even need to prepare when it doesn’t have to be made so damn tough in the first place? Bein Bon into sin doesn’t count either, don’t get me started on that.

This world isn’t perfect nor finely tuned, stop kidding yourself. Volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, snow storms, solar storms, famine, disease, epidemics, terror attacks, asteroid impacts… The list goes on. We are here as we are lucky to live in a pocket of relatively livable conditions on Earth. It doesn’t mean Earth is perfect, we are simply beating the odds. 

If your evidence for God is personal, why should I be expected to believe it? I haven’t been ignoring signs, I am just less fooled by normal occurances an will not perceive them as divine intervention. If I hear the wind howling after a horror film I know it’s the wind despite increased fear. There’s no need to assume it’s anything supernatural or evil.


I will probably post more thoughts every now and then as I have so many whizzing through my head on a daily basis. Many blogs inspire me (yes, yours is probably included) to create posts and ask further questions, I hate how most of these questions are forgotten as another question pops up. Adding thoughts from time to time helps to reminds me of such inspiration and I’ll no doubt come back to talk about some of these in a little more depth.

Atheists, what brings out your emotion?

Theists are moved very much by the literature they adhere to. Church services and prayer can also be very touching.

I want believers to understand that this doesn’t have to solely come from religion.

What makes your hairs stand on end? Is it a movie? A book, fiction or non fiction? Is it a piece of music or an album? It could be a moment of magic by your favourite sports star or a lecture by your favourite scientist. 

In recent years the below video has been a piece of music I have very strong feelings for. And the fact that a Japanese fan dedicated his time to making a video for it is great. It was seen by the band and is pretty much the official video now. 

The best thing is, the three part symphony is about a war on earth resulting in humans fleeing to space and being helped by mystical beings, possibly aliens. Part 3 above talks (well, sings) the end of the fighting and humanity asking ‘why can’t we start again?’ post war, although the video tells an entirely different story. No religious influence but amazing nontheless.

There are so many ways we can be moved and although believers find this with religion, it doesn’t have to stop there.