The destination 

I love knowing where I am heading. An adventure without a plan is always exciting but if I can prepare, at least I know what will benefit me the most. Life is too short to take the wrong path.

You could apply this to a journey you want to take to a destination you love or want to learn more about. Maybe this applies to a metaphorical path. To learn more about yourself or the universe. Either way, I want to view the horizon if I get the chance. 

Some people don’t and this is fine. It is fine until people go out of their way to obscure the view for everyone, either blocking it completely or distorting it to fit their preference. How is that fair, and why should I settle for your apparent view?

Fear of the unknown is understandable. It fuels us to look the other way. If you want to, go ahead. Just don’t make me do the same. There will be times when I will do the same and I will try my damned hardest to not drag you with me. 

Everywhere I look I see people trying to tempt me with their personal ideology. Thankfully I live in a time and place in which free thinking is valued. This isn’t the case for everyone, some having to settle with the worldview of society or face prison time, possibly death. This really happens, sadly many people who are inspirations for this post won’t be able to view it. Despite the progression of science we are constantly fed contradictory stories depending on where we live. I want to reject these stories and go with evidence. Don’t stop people doing so even if you don’t like it.

When I am gone my ingredients will still be here, travelling through the universe toward the unknown horizon. I want to know where that is going whilst I can, without heavy cultural bias. Even if we can’t see the horizon it is there, often obscured by so many false ones.

Featured image: Ezzif, Reddit

Second image: John Towner, Unsplash

Staring into infinity

That’s all there is to say of this view. A view that is astounding, normalised due to it being the only view we have ever had.

I love the term ‘space’, it’s like the most modest definition of a possibly infinite universe/multiverse. It would be like calling the ocean ‘big puddle’.

No ceiling, no boundaries. If I had the ability to launch into the clouds above, I could go on forever. Why don’t I consider this more often? How does everyday life take my attention away from unbe-fucking-lievable aspects of our reality?

Beyond the blue, pure mystery. Like looking into the depths of the ocean, all we can do is stare and wonder. This amazes me, it also saddens me. The planets I will never visit and the landscapes I will never walk, the possibility of extra terrestrial life and technology they could possess. We are that desperate to cling onto old traditions we lack so much desire to discover. If our priorities are discussing same sex marriage and women keeping their hair covered, should I be surprised we have hardly explored our solar system?

It takes a space shuttle 150 seconds to leave our atmosphere. A very short time but still difficult for us to carry out regularly. We are spiders trying to leave a bathtub, the slippery surface made of closed mindedness and hurt feelings. There are many of us that would love to leave the bathtub but cannot as we are too busy trying to fight for equal rights and evade beheadings. You know, the stupid shit that should be history, still taking place in a world that has the capability for so much more.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the reason I drink alcohol. To forget that some people are offended by it.


‘Life is so unfair! He didn’t deserve this, why him?’

Well it will be with that mentality. When life throws a spanner in the works we always look for a reason. Not from a scientific viewpoint as to why shit went down, no. We ask why we deserved it. Why do we have such a lack of self respect?


If something bad happens to me, I find comfort in the knowledge that it wasn’t a punishment. Obviously an attack by an angry mob would be exempt, I’m talking natural disasters and diseases, miscarriages and motorway accidents. What a pessimistic mindset. To suggest that our suffering may be deserved is ridiculous and should be ridiculed. 

If it turned out that a deity does in fact rule the universe, handing out punishments from afar, who would take pride in having this confirmed?

‘See, I told you God exists and punishes us!’

Does such a person exist, relieved to know that we are pets wearing shock collars wondering why we occasionally get zapped?

Hell yeah they do.


As another terror attack unfolds in the streets of London I take another 24 hours away from social media. 

I prefer to give my time to WordPress. I feel people that take time to create a blog will provide better content after an event such as last night. Once again, there are exceptions to the rule.


I was hoping to use this image for a better post. An optimistic one flowing with love, happiness, joy. The better aspects of human interaction. 

Sadly I cannot today because the internet is already rife with Love Trumps Hate style statuses after another act of terror. My blog would be another brick in the dense wall of moderate- lefties hugging people so tightly their senses are oblivious to the police sirens and the cries of pain. I would love to be on the left if it wasn’t so reluctant to speak openly about what is happening.

‘What is the world coming to?’

‘We will never know why he did that’

‘The world has gone mad!’

I am a guy living in the west, flicking through news stations to gain any information I can on world affairs. I am not someone witnessing first hand the bombs raining down, hoping that my roof tiles shattering aren’t the last thing I hear. I want to relate to these people despite the distance. I have a desire to know what fuels terrorists, be it religious or political ideology.

Are terrorists killing in the UK because of their interpretation of religious texts? Let’s talk about that. Is it because we invade other nations and radicalise those that have had loved ones killed? Let’s talk about that too. Just because I am a white Englishman does not mean I won’t accept a role our nation has played in fueling any fires. I also know from previous instances that some people are simply born to please a deity and would happily kill themselves for paradise despite a privileged upbringing. An incredibly worrying reality.

What I won’t do is pretend that there isn’t a trend, there is always a trend. 

I find it frustrating to see people look around with apparent confusion, giving the illusion of cluelessness, refraining from looking in the eyes of any blame like playing hide and seek with a child who’s legs are blatantly sticking out beneath the curtains. 

‘Oh so terrible, what is the world coming to? We will never know why people do these kinds of things!’ Not with that attitude. There are plenty of reasons for such attacks, no reason is not one of them. 

Passing clouds

I love English weather.

Someone has to.

I love the endless cloud formations, the varying shades all congregating, a merging melting pot occupying the same space better than humanity can.

Then again, the skies occasionally produce tornadoes. Sometimes like people, nature spirals out of control. I have been told the UK has more tornadoes than anywhere in the world (per square km), they just often form in rural areas and are nowhere near as destructive as those seen in the States.

I did in fact see one off the coast of Majorca around the year 2000. Incredible, something I have always wanted to see unfolding in front of my very eyes. A couple of miles out to sea, it’s a shame smart phones weren’t a thing. We decided to leave our chunky video camera in the hotel as we had no plans other than the pool. To this day my sister and I argue as to who saw it first. It was definitely me.

I also look up and remain thankful that my country does not endure regular natural disasters. I have to, I thank anything and everything that keeps me here for as long as I am. Not that I am thankful that others go through this instead, it hurts every time I have seen the media coverage of a tsunami slamming into a coastline or a quake tearing the ground apart. What I do consider are the religious nations suffering such forces. Is that why they are religious, sometimes prayer is only thing left? Why do I escape these nightmare scenarios in a relatively non-religious nation? Why do dedicated theists live perilously at the bottom of an active volcano or in long lasting droughts?

Nature is a beautiful thing, but it likes to kill us.



There’s a difference between claiming superiority and fighting against the label of ‘inferior’.

I received the above comment last year, anonymously of course. I am not trying to make myself superior, I’m just trying to see humans in a more positive light, leaving behind the desire to submit or beg for some kind of forgiveness.

Rosa Parks was not claiming to be superior when she refused to give up her seat for a white person. Homosexuals aren’t attempting to make heterosexuals inferior as they resist being thrown from rooftops by religious fanatics. It is possible to want to rise from the trenches of societal acceptance and seek equality without claiming to be better than anyone else.

I am sorry for anyone that begs to be inferior, plenty of people do. Some people need a master to get through their lives, I can imagine if we were able to achieve a technologically-simulated Second Coming how many people would get down on their knees in an instant. I can also imagine the delight shown by the button-pusher as they receive instant control over billions.

Rejecting oppression will be cool one day, not today but hopefully soon.




I often receive a certain criticism in response to my thoughts, feedback claiming that I shouldn’t be angry towards something that doesn’t exist. A very good point.


If it did come to light that a certain God existed, many atheists would remain reluctant to worship. I am one of them. Not every atheist agrees with this but many do. I split my time between disbelieving without sufficient evidence and providing opinions as to why I would disagree with a god if there was to be one.
This seems to cause confusion, apologies for this. I don’t believe in a God, the disagreements I have with a deity I don’t believe in are hypothetical. This doesn’t mean I do in fact believe he exists but that I have reasons to oppose him if he did, as so many choose to believe. 

I would do the same if everyone was convinced that Dr Evil existed. If there was very little evidence to suggest so yet people were convinced in the billions, I would take time out to see it from their side and if he does in fact exist, why we probably shouldn’t be worshipping him.

I also believe many people simply want me to believe in a God. Sadly I do not, even if you want me to. I just try to see it from your side from time to time.