I’ve never seen one this big before…

Goddamn I love Cadbury. As a child this bar was one of my favourites. As I have grown, it appears that the chocolate bar has, too.


It seems to be a popular belief that over time some of our favourite chocolates are shrinking and the prices are growing, such as the glorious Creme Egg and the classic Mars Bar. Whether this is down to our tiny child hands growing into fully grown adult ones or companies trying to save money, I am not too sure. Freddo however has turned this assumption on its head. I felt the packet, it does indeed feel like one whole bar! I am used to bars 1/20th of this size and looking at the top right of the packaging, believed it was a multi pack.

The nostalgia is flooding through my veins and heading straight for my sweet tooth. How long will I be able to resist buying one?



Açaí you there!

I was instantly reminded of my amazing month in Brazil as I walked by this stand. I haven’t had Açaí since then (August 2016), in fact I don’t think I have seen anywhere to buy it until now.


I guess a city with a population of over four million is bound to offer a great variety of food and drink, cuisines inspired by the countless nationalities that have settled here. This isn’t always the case in the smaller cities, Newcastle for example, the city I lived in before moving here. It just cannot compete in terms of diversity.

Have you tried it? With Summer around the corner there is no doubt I will tuck into this little tub of heaven again, and I look forward to doing so.

Obrigado in advance!

BBQ sauce on a brekkie roll?!

One thing I have noticed down under is that BBQ sauce is used as a substitute for brown sauce. I found out this morning tucking into my bacon and egg roll as I wait to get my phone checked out. 

I like it, however it does seem a little strange to me, like it’s unnatural. You know when you secretly tried dipping a couple of fries into chocolate sauce to see how it tasted? Yeah like that. And don’t deny it, I know you tried.. 

I’ve never had BBQ sauce before 11am, but here I am, living life on the edge.

‘I ate the roll and I liked it, I hope brown sauce don’t mind it…’

I’m waiting for my turn in the Apple Store, they will give me a text in hopefully 30 or so minutes time. Due to water damage, my phone has started to really slow down its charging speed, I had it charging for 7 hours overnight and it reached just over 40% from 10% it was at when I went to sleep. 

It’s time for a new phone, I just need to know how long this one will hold on for. And being in a country (especially now with it coming into summer) that is so populated around the coast, is it time for a waterproof one?


I’m always wary when something specific is recommended on the menu to me. It is either because it is in demand, or they have too much and they want to get rid of the stock. I found a fried chicken stall on the way back from the gym (yep, a step in the wrong direction) and couldn’t resist. It was just too tempting.

Taiwanese fried chicken nuggets with a bunch of seasoning and a tonne of garlic.

It is safe to say this was a great purchase. I’m now content for my ferry ride home.

Spending money can be a wise investment

I’ve had breakfast more times in three weeks than I did in three months in the UK. The weather just invites it. 

This morning is Italian Scrambled Eggs with pancetta, tomato, basil, parmigiano and hollandaise on toast in a lovely cafe just down the road. 

Can I afford to eat out every morning? Of course not! But that’s why I go out when I can. Going for a walk, trying new places and reminding myself that I have limited funds inspires me. Personally, I would rather be working class and live a little than to be wealthy and stay at home. I’m not one to save to the grave, but I will be sure to spend the next couple months saving hard and working out to kill time that would probably be spent in bars.

What is your morning ritual? Everyone’s is different, and there is a beauty in that. It also helps me find a seat.

Ps, I think the cute doggy at the end of the table wanted some…

Hungry Jack’s is Burger King?!

I had zero idea that Hungry Jack’s in Australia was in fact Burger King, they just couldn’t call it that as the name was already taken by a business in Adelaide. I thought it was just trying too hard to be Burger King. 

I’ve also developed a mild addiction to their Peri Peri Tendercrisps, not good for my dietary plans leading up to the summer…