Edinburgh crockery matches the geography 

I was having a drink in the beautiful Balmoral Hotel when I noticed the plate that we were served nuts, vegetable crisps and seaweed (in the style of a pork scratching, which was delicious) on.

It reminded me of Salisbury Crags, rising up from the surface, right in the city centre. The bridge seen below leads to the Balmoral Hotel to the left, just out of the shot.

The hotel can be seen below, viewed from that same bridge at night. The above picture was taken in 2012 and is probably floating around my blog somewhere already. The image below was at the Fringe Festival this month.

Notice the road sign/bollard trying to steal all of the attention.


Edinburgh Fringe: Daytime

The occasion: My sisters birthday.

The problem: My sister has decided to stay a little longer in Milan (could you blame her?), where she has been for the past week or so.

The solution: Take the trip up to Edinburgh anyway with my mum. There’s no chance we will let the tickets go to waste- now more than ever- the most exciting month for Edinburgh.

Train journey: 9/10. Purely down to the coastal views and my lack of train journeys, I know this is somewhat generous. Comparing to rail journeys in the UK the views are top notch, hugging the coastline all the way until we reach the historical buildings of Edinburgh. I have fell in love with this route from Newcastle, the place I call home and Edinburgh, my mothers home city. 

I know there are train journeys out there that will blow my mind, if you have ever had such a journey, let me hear of it.

I went to Edinburgh and had Thai food. Served above currency from around the world and a pane of glass. I hear so many accents from around the world in Edinburgh and love it. It is certainly a world renowned city.

Sometimes, the timing is just right. This guitarist, Matthew Lennox, was fantastic. And Canadian, although I’m not sure where he lives currently. He did say that he could tell he was in Scotland by asking people that put notes into his collection case to place them under coins so they wouldn’t blow away. Apparently, he has lost a lot of hard earned money that way.

What do you do with anti-terrorist barriers? Make them visually stimulating, of course.

As you can see below, acts use all kind of techniques to advertise their shows. Sometimes it works, sometimes dogs lick your face. The face licking happened 30 seconds before I snapped the pic below, my timing was not perfect by any means this time round.

The sun goes down, the lights come on. Day turned to night and this was a great thing. Edinburgh made the most of the night sky and decent weather, as will be seen in my next post highlighting the night-lighting.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? If you haven’t, put it on the list. Especially in August, as long as you don’t mind the jam packed streets. 

It is well worth it, I promise.

When Religion Shines Bright

My local cathedral is illuminated tonight and it looks amazing. Featured image thanks to Lumiere Festival Durham.

This is when religion truly shines for me. It isn’t making illogical claims or telling people how to live. The cathedral is showing off the amazing architecture religion has provided us without trying to prove anything more. Using modern technology to bring it back to life in a completely different light. 

When places of worship attract people for reasons other than religion, I don’t mind visiting at all.

Atheist beer!? Arghhhh!!

The best thing? No one cares. It’s beer supporting evolution, so it’s also going to be associated with atheism. I’m at a beer festival and if it’s like last year, well, I wish I could remember. It’s fun being able to have a few drinks without the guilt trip associated with various beliefs, everyone’s having fun, no trouble… So who cares?

I had to put this onto my blog and show my followers before I’m unable to remember my own name or lose my phone. I always state how proud I am to live in a country that has has confidence to seperate from religion, in this case a beer that’s proud of science with no one batting an eyelid. No protests, no boycott, no media attention. Isn’t it great to not give a shit?! There’s much, much worse going on in the world.

It can’t just be my nation though, any thoughts? I’m lucky to have travelled to many different countries, some of deep Christian and Islamic faith. I’m just not sure how this pint would go down anywhere else. Does the country you’re from offer something similar or is it too controversial? 

I’ll see you all when I regain consciousness. 

For now.