Birds are caught in the light of the Opera House, Sydney.

The Opera House really stands out against the nights sky, and for that reason attracts lots of birds. It reminded me of a snow globe and that Christmas here will be very different to back home. 

I’m looking forward to it, without wanting to wish my time here away.


When other people’s conversations speak directly to you 

I am out looking for last minute presents, in my own little world trying to distance myself from the sheer volume of people clearly leaving things last minute, as I oh so regularly do.

Out of the blue, I heard one lady say to another, ‘You know, you should stop overthinking and going back to things that have happened long ago’. It’s the only sentence I overheard amongst the thousands of conversations surrounding me. 

I almost turned round and told her to give me a break. I’m trying!

How do you feel about armed police?

It’s not the norm but Newcastle’s Christmas Market was monitored by armed police today.

Photo: Northumbria Police

Although the majority of people felt safer with them there, a number of shoppers weren’t so happy. Some felt the guns were unecessary, causing unease when a risk of attack is relatively low. The increase in security comes soon after terror charges are made in Birmingham. 

I personally don’t mind. I hate the fact that we need it but I am more annoyed at those that would love to cause carnage in such an environment. It’s a bit of a shot in the dark to strategically place armed police in one area than another, but hey, what can we do?

For Those of You in the Big City 

I love living in a small city. It’s commutable, people have time to have a chat in the street and there is just the right amount of variety. That is until the Christmas shopping starts. I always tell myself I could live in a big city, until I find myself walking around a toy store looking for a present for my Goddaughter, fighting the crowds like it’s a Prodigy gig. 

I remind myself that some cities are like this all the time. If you live in a big city, you have my respect. 

Burrito time.

How to be an atheist at Christmas 

People wonder how this is possible and to be honest it is pretty easy. I’ll help you to know.

It is similar to not being in the army but playing Call of Duty. It’s like that Halloween party you attended even though you aren’t a real ghost. Joining in the mannequin challenge but have never been a mannequin or being a Cowboys fan without being a Cowboy, nor an American Footballer.

Anyone have any more? This is how I view it, anyway.

Edinburgh knows how to Christmas!

Hello Edinburgh, it’s been a little while. 

What I love about this visit is the Christmas vibe. I know it’s still early on, however with the Christmas markets and unavoidable below freezing temperatures I cannot help but get in the mood. 

It goes well with the historic architecture, like being in a fiction novel. A bit magical, a bit old-worldly. 

Sometimes a 90 minute journey is enough to escape reality, and we all need that once in a little while.