Gone batty

Went for a walk today with the family, I’ve never actually seen bats during the day time.

I’ve also never seen so many bats. I imagine the horror walking down this path at night with a torch and seeing a hundred of the upside down creatures staring straight at me. Spine tingling.

Fun alternative fact: The bats are only upside down as we are in Australia.


Early bird

Since I have moved I’ve been getting out of bed much earlier than I usually do. I don’t know if that is the aftermath of a very long period of jet lag, it may be due to the warm morning temperatures. Regardless, most nights I have been in bed by 10pm and wide awake by 8am. No alarm and no need to force myself to get up. 

It feels fantastic.

The sun is a huge stimulant for me. It almost invites me outside, a bit like a moth to a flame. Knowing that the temperature stays the same when I open the doors and windows feels great too. Even when I was in the UK, seeing the sun burst through motivated me more than five cups of coffee… I just don’t need to put more layers on to walk outside here.

Along with the sun, there is the knowledge that I’m in a new environment. Everyone I say good morning to is a completely new person, one I haven’t met before. The accents and the local lingo I’m picking up as the days go by. The little differences in lifestyle I’m seeing and breakfast habits. I remember how I used to feel waking up on Christmas Day as a child, a feeling that is very hard to recreate or rekindle. Waking up in a new country is probably the closest I can get to that excitement when I first open my eyes.

It’s quite shocking how much of the day we lose sleeping in. It’s currently 10.23 at the time of typing this post, a time of day that I would often not see due to being fast asleep. That was before I started travelling and when pretty damn demotivated. I would sometimes sleep a further two hours before the realisation that I’m wasting my day would kick in. I don’t want to know how much sleep that accumulates over a lifetime.

But here I am! Yesterday I managed a 10km run, being beachside certainly helps with that. 

Seeing so many people out and about lifts me and I will see this view much more in the next couple months I’m sure. 

Aaaand my French toast has arrived. Nutella, coconut flakes, strawberries, bananas, syrup and cream. A treat, after all if there is no reward what is the point in the effort? It’s all about the balance!

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Happy (outdoor) birthday!

Family and friends gather for a birthday party next to a lake outside of Sydney.

One thing I have noticed here is that people celebrate occasions outside. It shouldn’t surprise me but it does. I’m not talking about a pool or garden party, but a party that takes place in a park well away from the home. I haven’t really seen it before in a public place.

To whoever it was, happy first birthday! Seeing tables with food spreads and wrapped gifts is rather fascinating to me… It must be great to grow up in a country where the spring weather can be that reliable. 

Hungry Jack’s is Burger King?!

I had zero idea that Hungry Jack’s in Australia was in fact Burger King, they just couldn’t call it that as the name was already taken by a business in Adelaide. I thought it was just trying too hard to be Burger King. 

I’ve also developed a mild addiction to their Peri Peri Tendercrisps, not good for my dietary plans leading up to the summer…

The thirty minute work break

I am very fortunate to say I have found employment shortly after landing in Sydney. Not everyone does but because I have have years of hospitality experience, I had a couple interviews in my first few days and one place offered me work the following week. 

If I am to be realistic about my travels, I have to sacrifice some free time for a wage. One thing I dislike about hospitality is the thirty minute break.

I’m blogging whilst on it actually. I’ve found a nearby food mall and I’m trying to balance eating and blogging. By the time I leave the workplace, I’ve lost two minutes. By the time I reach the nearest place to sit and eat, I only have 25 minutes left. Well, not really as I have to take into account the five minute walk back so I have 20 minutes to chill. Take into account the queue and ordering process it might take 5 minutes to get my food, I have 15 minutes max to rush my food. I’m more grateful for employment, of course.

Ironically, my break is the busiest time of day, the only part the shift many people don’t get paid for. 

Isn’t life strange?!