What DID we learn?!

Someone has been putting these stickers on traffic crossings up and down the country.

Anyone in the UK seen one yet?


God causes fire on plane before takeoff?

What does everyone think was the reason God set this American Airlines flight on fire?

Was it:

A) The lady in 11A was destined to stay with her boyfriend in Chicago (Ross and Rachel style)

B) The man in 22B believed there was a homosexual on board 

C) God wanted the guy filming it to lose his attention seeking ways, clearly evident at the end 😂

We may never know! Potential answer that was later deemed too unlikely:

  • The plane suffered a fault

Happy flying!

Oh look, fear is being used to spread religion again!

Another day, another picture making the rounds fuelled by gullibility and fear. 


It’s cute that Jesus and Satan chat online, despite using what looks like the worst messenger ever. I don’t have too many believers on Facebook (the believers I do have are very moderate and wouldn’t buy this), so to have this appear on my news feed shows that it’s reached pretty damn far. 

Look at them all gaining access to heaven! So many!

If you think that typing Amen on a photo will release you from Satans grip, you type that comment. Is it really that easy to be manipulated?

Imagine ISIS bought your truck online, not bothering to remove your business details…

This is what happened to a business man and his company Mark-1 Plumbing, when his truck that was sold at an auction ended up in Islamic State’s hands.

Stupidly, Mark has been getting thousands of calls from his fellow citizens, furious at his decision to support terror. 

Does it not cross their minds that maybe he didn’t do this intentionally? He even stated that once it was sold he wanted the sticker removed, without having any idea whatsoever of the trucks fate.

Mark has had to shut down the business temporarially in the process and apparantly buy a gun, which brings up the question- is there no such thing as bad publicity?

If God had WordPress…

What timezone would he blog in? Would he post when the majority of Christians supporters are awake, the USA for example…

Or would he post when most potential readers are of another faith and try to convert them?

It is a question I have asked myself for my own blog… Aim it at supporting atheists or challenge theistic views?

Psychics are using LinkedIn?

Psychics use Facebook, and I’m okay with that. Not that I agree but there are so many weird and wacky pages it doesn’t really get to me as much. What does get to me is the ease in which these ‘gifted’ individuals are able to obtain information on the dead by simply scrolling through the news feed of someone who has openly stated they are attending a reading. Mainly by joining the page advertising said event set up by the medium. But that is going slightly of topic, I’ll bring it back.

Scrolling through LinkedIn I noticed a Psychic adding a post. Just so you know, my Linkedin is purely for my ‘day job’, I would love to set something up in the future around my interest on science an atheism but I need a lot more momentum behind me. My site is growing so that’s a good thing!

I do not like the idea of these individuals entering the realm of business orientated social media. I particularly don’t like how business professionals are liking and commenting on the posts, from my perspective it takes away a lot of credibility. 

It may be a business, but so is drug dealing or prostitution. These will never be acceptable professions on LinkedIn. So why should cold reading? It is fair to say that without any evidence of genuine communications with the dead, or evidence for an afterlife at all, this kind of money making is by con artists. 

People who take money in a dishonest way should not be accepted. Then again, I’m sure there are plenty of greedy bosses at the top using the site and making money in dishonest ways.

Would Jesus use social media if he was alive today?

Jesus was one of the first to start the craze of following. The British monarchy has a YouTube channel, Barrack Obama has a Twitter account. ISIS are well established in the world of social media. So if they do, surely Jesus would, too.

He was keen on followers, but he had to do it old school. Literally people followed him. And to be fair to the guy without the aid of a share button his stories have been remembered for millenia. Quite a feat.

In his day, would social media make or break Jesus? His actions would be spread worldwide instantly, his miracles seen within seconds. 

To me, it would break Jesus. His actions didn’t really occur, instead they have been exaggerated throughout the years or mistranslated in some way. A first hand view would change things completely and that is what camera phones do today. This very factor has seen some police officers in the States being exposed in the killings of black Americans during arrests, the irrefutable evidence causing such instability within communities. A sad and rather dark example but one of the most blatant in recent weeks when taking into account the huge role social media played.

No one has a first person account of the miracles Jesus performed. We have to resort to historical writings, like every other religion does with their supernatural stories. 

With over a billion followers globally, many of them creating fan groups on sites such as Facebook in his name, he is doing okay. The group Jesus Daily has over 26 million followers.   


But thinking about it, to what extent would the invention of camera phones changed the course of our history? Without a doubt, dramatically.