Today as seen by the future

I took this photo between cable car rides at Sugarloaf Mountain, I couldn’t have picked a better time of day. I remember looking at the boats below and thinking how unique each and every person that bought one must have felt, until they took it to the harbour. How perspectives can change depending on the environment.

‘I’m not trying to be anyone’s saviour. I just want to think about the future and not be sad’- Elon Musk

I have been watching plenty of his conversations recently and I love this guy. I feel I am watching someone who will always be remembered as one of humanity’s greats. If I had to choose one person to currently represent humanity, it would be Elon.

Whether it is solar powered roof tiles or the Hyperloop system, I get filled with excitement for the future. One rocket, planned to take humans to Mars within the next 20 years, has enough thrust to take a Boeing-747 filled with people, cargo and fuel, as cargo. Amazing!


It is a breath of fresh air to see someone break free from the troubles that keep us from moving forward and focus on progression. Escaping the pointless arguments and small differences that keep cultures from merging. We are so diverse and offended by our differences that we don’t venture away from the norm, we try to preserve our traditions even more.

I don’t want my news filled with headlines such as ‘Can the hijab be empowering to women?’, I want my news feed filled with stories of whether or not the latest rocket launch was successful. Headlines informing me of how our future is transforming, not reminding me how the present is so similar to our past. The day that we stop obsessing over our beloved societal norms will be a glorious and incredibly progressive one.

Sometimes we worry too much about our perceived values that we do not realise there is an option to change them. I love looking at the negative aspects of our existence as there is no quicker way to make progress.

As Musk says in one of his Ted Talks, he likes to take the view that he is wrong and work towards being right. I love looking at the wrongs, change doesn’t come from turning a blind eye.

Watching a ship hit the ocean bottom may be a little depressing but if we didn’t watch the ships sink, we wouldn’t build the lifeboats.


Science is BS

Ah, another day, another dumb comment by an armchair scientist claiming that if science doesn’t know, we shouldn’t listen to science.

This was a comment I found on a video uploaded by a news channel on Facebook today. The video, which I won’t upload (it is pretty irrelevant to this post and will take a very, very long time to find in my feed again), went along the lines of ‘Top 5 body parts evolution left behind!’.

One very knowledgeable Facebooker was very unselfish and took time out of their day to give an opinion. This is that opinion.

I think this bs. Science doesn’t fully understand one subject. There is always much to learn. Each part of you is significant, your body was made to function using these parts. Just Bc science thinks it’s not necessary, doesn’t mean you should believe it. #themoreyouknow

So there we have it! Science doesn’t fully understand one subject, therefore the science used is bull. I will, looking at religious statistics, assume there is a great chance that this person may be religious. And as we know skeptical folks, religion can make us very biased people indeed.

Maybe I am being biased and this person is as skeptical as it gets, only accepting the most convincing of theories held up with overwhelming evidence before accepting something he or she has been told. (Looking back, I am convinced it was a female). But to watch a video and comment without stating what field of expertise that person is, I will assume this person isn’t an expert. Just your everyday gal, browsing YouTube, Facebook and the like claiming things not fitting a personal agenda must be false.

Each part of me is significant, those parts may have originally had a part to play in my overall function. And just because science says it is not necessary, I do not have to agree. I will be drawn to such a claim, when the opposition is this and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my male nipples.

At least then they will serve a purpose.

Give chance a chance!

How often is your favourite song not playing on the radio when you switch on your car radio? How often is the time on your clock not 3.33pm or 12.12pm when you give it a quick glance? How often does the person on the other end of that handshake not have the same name as you? We are constantly surrounded by normality and order. There is little reason to recall the first song heard this morning vividly or the exact time on the clock at last glance, why would we? The chances are it had little personal relevance. Then, there is a moment in which our song comes plays when we needed to hear it the most. Maybe, for the past three days you have coincidentally looked at the clock the moment it strikes noon. It is easy to disregard the millions of non-coincidental moments in our lives during this one odd moment that has caught us off guard. The problem is this moment can distort a worldview for a lifetime.

I guess the Big Bang was a little different, it was the one event that got everything started. Yet, who is to say there wasn’t a million similar expansions, all too fast or too slow, before the one that allowed me to type this post into my keyboard? We don’t have the capabilities to suggest this, so I will refrain from treating it as the gospel truth, it would be silly to. It isn’t like our universe was necessarily set up for life from day one. Despite occurring 13.7 billion years ago, our earth only formed as a result 4.6 billion years ago, and human characteristics barely emerged into the millions (of years ago). Where is the coincidence in that?

If I have had to wait 13.7 billion years for the universe to favour my existence, even for a relatively brief moment in time, would it be accurate to say living goes against all odds? And why is God exempt from the same harsh criticism of having the odds against him? I was told a universe that produces the conditions that can support life would be one-in-a number with plenty of zero’s. I am willing to bet the odds of a God ‘just being there’ has a few more on the end.


See what happens when we work together?

Congratulations to Tim Peake, who becomes the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station. Coverage is widespread here and he is doing the nation very proud. 

The key word in this post is international. Nations struggling to get along on earth seem to find a mutual level of curiosity and the desire for exploration… Our capabilities used to reach new heights in human acheivement, not warfare.

We should see nature as the obstacle not each other, it is then that we realise that we are all the same. Human. We have so many unbelievable discoveries awaiting us throughout the universe, it’s a shame to waste our opportunities by obsessing over petty problems and age old theology.

Town cancelled solar panels amid fears it would suck up all the energy

Haha, what a story. A town in North Carolina has rejected plans to install solar panels in fear it would suck up all the towns energy.

Apparantly one local man said that the suns energy would go to the panels and not to the local town of Woodland. Even better still, a retired science teacher contributed to the cancellation.

Jane Mann, a retired science teacher, said she was concerned the panels would prevent plants in the area from photosynthesizing, stopping them from growing.

How does it get to that stage? It literally takes five minutes of google searching to kill such a myth. Maybe they too suffered energy loss.


Does anyone truly think that in such a long period of time (I’m talking millions of years) human beings have not changed in terms of appearance and/or mental capabilities?

I find it inconceivable to think that our form has not and will not transform over such a length of time. We know humans have increased in height, we know that some animals have started to use tools and walk upright. 

Do you think that humans evolving is farfetched? What is your stance?

You can certainly think too much…

Everyday I am thinking, I wasn’t gifted with the off switch that most people have. I am constantly in my own head when I am alone, trying to comprehend the incomprehensible, trying to think the unthinkable. It is no exaggeration when I say it had driven me to the point of madness at times.

I was talking to a man today, he told me that a some of his colleagues had been institutionalised for trying to make sense of reality. They worked in various areas of science, although their exact fields of expertise have since left me. I could only keep up with the conversation to an extent, despite the several beers he had consumed prior. 

I certainly needed one. It is amazing to say that at this time in history not only is reality hard to grasp, it doesn’t actually make sense. That itself is hard to get my head around.