Who was this?!

“You see when you are dead, you don’t know you are dead and it only affects the ones around you. It is the same when you are stupid”



Is ReligionErased too aggressive?

So, I have been thinking of a slight name change. As my readers will be aware my website is religionerased.com although I go by the user R.E.

I would love my blog to gain more views. This is why we all blog. But what I do not want to do is alienate the group I would rather debate with. I want to hear from as many religious folk as I do atheists. Admittedly, I have previously adopted a more patronising/aggressive strategy to get my views across, my first few posts although mild in comparison to other sites probably wouldn’t be very inspirational to those that disagree with me. 

I still chat to many theists, but does the blog name Religion Erased hold many back from being willing to have a conversation? R.E is a great alternative as it is an acronym for religious education. Does it sound like I want to go on an atheist rampage, violently wiping out any ideologies that stand in my way when you read my blog name?

Blog, eat, blog, eat…

It’s restaurant week here in Newcastle, so the pounds that leave my wallet are being added to my gross tonnage.

It’s a great idea for the difficult weeks after Christmas, but bloody hard to make a booking. Oh, there was a little gin tasting session thrown in too yesterday. I really don’t like gin (probably more psychological than anything after what I can only describe as the hangover of all hangovers, and waking up in my friends parents bed to be sick all over their sheets) but I didn’t have the heart to tell him and it was an interesting talk to say the least.

BBQ yesterday, Italian tonight? 
That’s all I can type for now, I’m getting out of breath.