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Wine and cheese you say? For free?!

What kind of sick individual would not take part in this?

Sadly, the reality was everyone took part and I only had a glass and a couple of slices of cheese. But I’m in a hostel so I can’t complain, it was a nice gesture and a good ice breaker with the other backpackers.

I’m starting to appreciate these little things the more I visit hostels, and the more my bank balance plummets.


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  1. The only hostels in the United States that I know who do that are the two hostels in Philadelphia and possibly the one in Nashville . A lot of the hostels in the United States are alcohol free so you don’t see wine and cheese get togethers that often.

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    • I have only ever stayed in hostels in Australia, and I have realised that some accept alcohol and some don’t. Quite a lot of the hostels that do accept drink have banned ‘goon’ which is boxed wine that is very cheap to buy and I guess causes a lot of problems. However, it never seems to be so strict and these get brought in anyway with a decent amount of stealth!


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