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Debate: Should pink be prawn cocktail or salt and vinegar?

So one thing that really threw me off when I was purchasing crisps in Australia was the different coloured packets and flavours. My eye sight isn’t the best (I need glasses but rarely wear them, terrible I know), so when I went to grab what I thought was prawn cocktail was in fact salt and vinegar. 

It’s the same with blue, for me this signifies cheese and onion. 

What a culture shock!

So with that I have to ask you: What’s your flavour? And what colour should it be?

I feel Smiths/ Walkers/ Lays and any other brand of crisps out there need to unify and make their colours universal!


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  1. Pink salt & vinegar? Good grief, no. What a strange and disturbing universe this is!

    Here in the U.K. salt & vinegar is generally considered blue, with the exception of one brand for whom salt & vinegar is green and cheese & onion is blue.

    Prawns are pink (when cooked, anyway) so prawn cocktail should definitely be pink! And salt comes from the sea so salt & vinegar, really, should be blue.

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    • Agreed. I’m from the uk and I always thought that at one point when I was younger, they changed the colour of salt and vinegar to green and cheese and onion to blue from the other way around, but maybe I am thinking of another brand!

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      • Ah, I didn’t realise you were in the U.K.. It’s Walkers who do things differently, isn’t it, with the blue pack for cheese & onion? When I was growing up I recall lots of green and yellow packs for cheese & onion (other brands, not Walkers) but this colour combination has fallen out of favour somehow.

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      • I am from Newcastle, just on a working holiday visa here 🙂

        I’m not sure, when I’m back I’ll have a good look around the crisp aisles and compare, but I’m sure by then I’ll have become used to the colours here… Hopefully not though!

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  2. I’m an Aussie currently in Africa and this was a culture shock for me also! Salt and vinegar is always pink at home. I was so confused at the shops. Blue should be original but here it’s Caribbean Onion and balsamic vinegar- what?!? Delicious though 😊

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