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The biggest spider I have seen in Australia so far

It had to be 8-10 feet long, hanging on a web above a main road, coincidentally outside the Museum of Tropical Queensland.

All I am going to say is that I am glad they aren’t actually this big. They would rule the world. 

Maybe all spiders here will seem small from now on? I can only hope…


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  1. Wicked mate. I got to catch a hop at Christmas ’72 down to Perth. We did some surfing while there, and one evening some girls picked us up for a night on the town. As I was ironing a shirt to go out in, a darn spider kept watching its reflection in the iron. Then he touched it and let out an awful bark, jumping half way cross the room. I did share this story with a friend here in UT back in the late 90’s, and he said they were hookers, and always went for the military guys first.

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      • Thankfully I haven’t seen a real spider yet that is as large as my hand, but the guys in my hostel have seen them during their last farm shift. So it is coming! I am just trying not to think about it until then!

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      • Yeah, so currently I am on a one year holiday visa, but this can be increased to two years with 88 days farm work in a rural area. So I have just started this two days ago, I am in a rural town called Ayr, new post with an update soon! I plan to stay here and do my 88 days work whilst staying in a hostel that specialises in organising fat work, so far I have completed two of these days. Big but no huge spiders yet! 🙂

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      • Of course! I will be working on various farms, depending on there the demand is during that week. So far, I’ve had consistent work on an Achacha farm. I’m not sure if you know this fruit (I hadn’t heard of them!), they are egg sized orange fruits with a big seed and a sweet taste and a white, creamy texture when bitten into. They are quite expensive as not many places grow them around the world!


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