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The waves of motivation and the reason I can blog daily

This was my view the other night when walking home from the gym. I decided to rotate the image below because I like how it changes the shot. It feels to me like a cross between the movies Inception and Interstellar, the world seems to be bending before an endless universe.

I find my motivation fluctuates constantly for the many things I want to do in life. Whether it is save money, go to the gym or plan an itinerary for my next travel, my eagerness is always at risk of dwindling. One day I could wake up from an early alarm easily and jump at the thought of the gym. The following week, it may be the last thing I want to do. My motivation seems like it could move mountains at times, only for it to come crashing down and it feels like I need to lift a mountainous weight just to get up and pack my gym gear.

Despite this fluctuation, one thing hasn’t been affected and that is my blog. Some days I spend less time on it, but even then I am still on it. Even when I do not feel like writing, I do it. I imagine that is how some people I walk by reach their peak fitness levels, by going to the gym even without the desire. Just doing it and fighting off any complacency. If personal fitness is someones passion, a lack of motivation won’t prevent a gym session. The same with a passionate musician, bleeding fingers won’t prevent someone practicing that song.

And with this in mind, my blog is my passion.

I think it is important to at least have one passion, that one thing that we do even when we don’t feel like it. When tiredness makes us consider a day off but doesn’t result in a day off. When it would be easier to stay in bed that extra hour but the end results are worth that annoying alarm call. If we have something that we are doing even at times when we don’t want to, we are doing something we are dedicated to.

So despite my sudden motivation to go to the gym the other night after work, it isn’t a passion like blogging is for me. I don’t know when I will take this walk back home from the gym again, it depends how I am feeling and how much my motivation builds.

What I do know is that no matter how I am feeling tomorrow, I will be here to blog again. Regardless of mood and tiredness,Β wifi troublesΒ and double shifts at work, I will be posting when I am able to. I am thankful that I have something in my life that I feel so dedicated to, and I hope you have that passion too.



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    • Blogging wasn’t always a passion, but it did develop into one over time. You may do something now that you really begin to take seriously one day or develop a love for, if not there are millions of things out there to discover and I am sure there is something out there for you!

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  1. Blogging is great, I agree! And the gym motivation does come and go. If you are focused on getting yourself to a point that you want to go, you will. I don’t always have the motivation to go but I make myself and I’m glad I do usually.

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  2. I deal with fluctuating motivation too, particularly with exercise! I’m happy you’ve found the passion of your blog. I understand it – I paint every day, whether or not I’m feeling it. It’s a lucky place to be in. πŸ™‚

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    • One thing that really frustrates me is the back log and build up of drafts. If I spend half an hour or so getting a draft finally complete, I’m a happy guy! As you will know, writing daily helps relieve the pressure a lot.

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      • Absolutely. I’ve taken to writing my entries in a notebook first so that I can work on them wherever I happen to be when my brilliant mind says, “Okay, I’m ready to work now that we’re away from the computer!”

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  3. Just as we feel no motivation to blog, inspiration hits. Funny, isn’t it?

    “Motivation constantly fluctuates”: This is me with chemistry.

    Also, call it strange, but bleeding fingers actually make you want to practice more… I nearly broke a finger flattening just today, and thankfully, it’s not on my writing hand, but I suppose it’s a strange fascination with the instrument!

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    • I don’t even know what flattening is! I started learning guitar however it didn’t last too long and haven’t picked one up for months, and know very little about learning other instruments. Feel free to enlighten me xD

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      • It’s cool that you started, though! XD
        Flattening is basically when you flatten one finger to press many strings at the same time, like in barred chords… at first, the finger hurts a lot! But once you get used it, it’s quite fun to see your own hands flying all over the guitar’s fretboard!

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  4. I totally understand that feeling when you’re juggling with so many piles of works in the office, you still wanna spend some time on the blog despite being so busy – me. And it is all due to my passion towards writing even though I feel so lazy to crack my head for the idea.

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    • Full time work and blogging makes life busy! But I like that, I guess it helps me to stay on my feet and do things. Although like you say it can make it hard to think of ideas to blog about, sometimes the ideas just make their way into my head. I find it is helpful to keep looking around everywhere I am to see if anything inspires me!

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      • Oh I cannot agree more with “sometimes the ideas just make their way into my head..” I guess being a blogger makes us all or trains us all to have the ideas come to emerge immediately, don’t you think?

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      • I think so. I think that it’s a habit we form when we know we want to be inspired to write about something. When we have a blog to work on, we find reasons to blog!


  5. Wow! Life fluctuates so much and I also often wonder why some days I can get up with ease, want to go to the gym, want to learn Mandarin, etc. and feel super motivated, but now I’m in this low again. I guess we always have to keep our goals in mind and just keep going and do it every day, if we feel motivated or not. Your post definitely motivated me to write a new blog post today!

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    • Great! I’m glad you were motivated to post πŸ™‚
      When I think of those that have been successful, they all have one thing in common. When talking in interviews they mention that they do it no matter what. They become obsessed and not take no for an answer. Goals need to be thought about constantly and making our way up to achieving them is how to do it, even if it is inch by inch on days that we don’t want to!

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    • Thanks Joe, I guess the lesson here is that the act of ‘doing’ can be very rewarding, whether it is fulfilling a passion or doing something different and discovering a new one. I am pleased you enjoyed the read, have a great weekend!

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    • As long as motivation is there, it can only lead to productivity!

      I was going to say it leads to good things, but motivation doesn’t always lead to good things… but certainly productivity!


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