Less is more

I’ve had a very unproductive couple of days. So this morning as I sit and with my coffee and ‘snail’ as its called in this particular cafe, I have had more regrets than I would have done if I was to have gotten blind drunk and acted like an idiot all weekend.

Is ‘snail’ a popular term, or am I slow to learn?

The phrase is ‘less is more’ and I certainly agree. Even if I have plenty of free time, being indecisive about what to do in that time means that time goes very quickly. Shall I look for accommodation? More photo opportunities perhaps? The truth is if I don’t choose soon enough, I won’t do either. So yesterday I ended up going to the gym late at night to make up for a wasted day.

If I can teach a lesson here, I guess it is to make a decision on what you want to do as soon as you can, and then spend quality time thinking of what that specific decision will consist of moving forward. The progress will come soon after. 

At least I have learned something that will hopefully help me develop.

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