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When you have regrets 

Regret is like fear. It’s stronger. It overrides and smothers any other mental state. Fear can be a good thing, however regret is pretty useless.

I feel regret a lot. What that is depends on where I am or what I was doing at the time. Maybe listening to a song and wishing I said something to a certain person, maybe seeing an image online and wishing I took that opportunity to go when I had the chance. 

At these moments it is important to remember there isn’t a similar feeling when we did the right thing. I guess we all feel a sense of accomplishment or content in our lives, but it doesn’t stick to us like regret, eating away at us all day long. Think of how much of your life you don’t regret. When you went for that job or asked that person on a date, when you booked that flight or helped that person in need. It’s harder to think of the times we don’t regret as they don’t play on repeat on our minds. That doesn’t mean the things we don’t regret aren’t there. 

I don’t know if this applies to you, the reader, but it does to me. Sometimes I like to blog how I feel and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that can relate.


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