Edinburgh: Harry Potter

Another little peek at my recent day break. 

Complimenting the cities old-worldy feel nicely, Edinburgh has a couple of Harry Potter stores. They seem to be very popular, not that I am surprised by that.

Interesting fact: The cafe below, The Elephant House, is where JK Rowling often sat with a coffee whilst writing her earlier novels.

Maybe, the location in which you choose to blog will one day have a plaque on the wall, boasting that once upon a time a successful writer stared there…

Definitely worth thinking about!


9 thoughts on “Edinburgh: Harry Potter

      • We enjoyed them, & they aren’t just for kids.

        We had hoped our grandkids could read them, but my brainwashed daughter & son-in-law wouldn’t allow it.

        They are STORIES, but it is what it is, & none of our business.

      • Not likely…..they are all so soaked in the religion, they haven’t even rebelled. They are now aged from 24 to 12. The eldest is very smart, is now a nurse, & she’s the one I was sure was going to question things……not so.
        She has been married for 2 years, & her father-in-law is a fanatical pastor who performed the ceremony. It was the absolute worst ”wedding” we’ve ever experienced! Nothing about love, or future as a couple…..it was all about being brought to jeezzuzz!!!

      • That’s what I’ve never liked about wedding and funerals. Sadly, I’ve been to more funerals than weddings, and have noticed that God/Jesus is often talked about as much as the person that recently passed. That seems pretty crazy to me.

      • Yeah, well we have NEVER been to a wedding this awful…..& it won’t be happening again.
        This carried on through the reception as well, so we left early & went back to our hotel.
        We won’t attend another, & the next granddaughter is engaged.

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