Atheist in India

Another Atheist in India! Thank you for the kind words and I am pleased to hear of another skeptic from this nation. It seems from these brief insights that India is pretty tolerant regarding religion (or lack of) and I do hope this is a trend seen nationwide in this vast, fascinating country.

Don’t stop disbelievin’!

India, Atheism and Politics

This is a post about my experiences of being an atheist in India.

I was born in a hindu family and my mother was brought up in an urban environment away from her village and my father though grew up in a village had travelled across the country for his job. As a result, I am an urban Indian and this is the context of my interaction with religion.

Deeply interested in religion, and with the power of internet, I was able to start reading scriptures of different religions early on. Hindu scriptures can be tedious and difficult to understand. The claims of other religions were more clear and their textual material was easy to access and understand (as the practitioners might read it). These scriptures that I read turned out to be quite illogical and violent in nature.

My parents claimed that all religions were equal and would keep symbols…

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