Who writes letters anymore anyway?

I have been asked, if someone was to send me a letter, would I believe they exist?

The answer is no. In the 21st century, why would someone resort to writing me a letter? I’m on facebook, I have a mobile phone, email, can be met in person… If someone was to write me a letter, I would be concerned. In this age of technology there is a reason a person would choose such an old method. An I’m not eager to find out why.

The question brings up a great point. God cannot communicate to us in a way I would expect to be contacted in the 21st century. 

Are we now greater than God? We are nowhere near perfect, but God still had a lot of catching up to do.


3 thoughts on “Who writes letters anymore anyway?

  • He obviously assumed that God had written a letter to us. The bible. It’s a common and thoughtless suggestion knowing what we now know about the construction and editing of the biblical texts over the centuries

  • The common statement we used to make was ‘the bible is God’s love letter to mankind’ I’m sure he had this in mind when he asked

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