Who ‘knows’ God exists but pretends he doesn’t?

Do these people actually exist? I am yet to meet such a person.


7 thoughts on “Who ‘knows’ God exists but pretends he doesn’t?

  • Yup. And the unspoken assumption is that he, presumably the bible God, actually exists and the other two either don’t know it…yet, or are just pretending he doesn’t.
    How arrogant and condescending

  • Yeah, typical output from that site. I never look at it anymore; it is too tiresome, with the same specious arguments over and over, good for the average apologetics consumer’s ego, but not good for much else. At least it has the whole ‘say-it-like-you -mean-it’ thing down.

  • I can’t think of anybody who admitted to being in such a state when they spoke to me. I’ve met numerous believers who claim this was their approach at some point in the past. (I think this is the Kirk Cameron narrative, for example). I can never tell whether that’;s an accurate reading of their own personal history or just an after-the-fact rationalization designed to increase their cultural capital. (Past sins are gold to apologists.)

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