Your opinions may gain a lot of support, but will future generations agree?

I would rather be the one of the first generations to embrace the truth than one of the last generations to respect a lie. Any day of the week.

This is how I feel with theism. It’s easy to be deceived by the cheering crowds, a bit like a bully being egged on by his or her equally disillusioned friends. How satisfied did the Aztecs feel when they ripped a beating heart out of a sacrificial body? Compare that to how they are perceived now. Would you rather be the Aztecs, confidently reassured by their peers or the current generation that understands it was all bullshit? 

No matter how many people disagree with me it doesn’t affect my confidence. Confidence coming from the knowledge that I am believing what seems logical and not what seems socially acceptable. Then again, atheism is pretty much respected in this country, but this wasn’t always the case. 

Whether it be an Islamic meme receiving a thousand likes on social media or the Pope walking through the masses of adoring fans, it is easy to feel an ideology has solid support for a reason. That reason isn’t evidence based. It is actually eerily similar to the logic a football fan adopts when choosing a favourite team. The team supported by parents, grandparents and friends. In a world of increasingly faster and more frequent transport it isn’t unusual to see religions gain increased awareness. The same for football teams. Christianity and Islam, the Barcelona and Manchester United’s of religion, will pop up the world over. Does this mean there must be something more to these in comparison to other faith based religions? Not really. They are just very well known. I have yet to see a football mad taxi driver in Asia have his cab filled with Accrington Stanley F.C sports memorabilia. Is this down to success? Of course. Success from a God pushing buttons up in the heavens? Nope!

Back to religion. I could be in a room full of religious followers, passionate and convinced by their argument. If I was to the fill the room even more with equally passionate and convinced followers of another religion, the arguments cancel each other out and hold much less weight. Hopefully future generations will see what the current ones do not.


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