Unlike most people, I’m unable to hold a conversation around the water cooler about the latest series on Netflix. I just can’t keep that level of focus on something like a television series. It would genuinely be an acheivement if I could sit through an entire episode of something. Comedies are an exception. The Big Bang Theory for example, I can have that on in the background and still enjoy the humour. A joke is a joke, I don’t need to religiously watch the first 4 or 5 series for it to make sense. That’s the beauty of it. Anything that requires my full uninterupted attention is asking way too much. 

I would much rather practice some chords or a new song. Go out and learn a new skateboard trick than go for a run. Maybe put a new blog post out there. Something that requires me to be creative and sharpen my skills. I cannot help but to feel time is slipping by whenever I am not working or learning. As if an egg timer is in the corner of my vision, no matter how much I try to distract myself from it, it is there. Ticking away. 

If I was to watch Game of Thrones (which does seem an excellent show) it wouldn’t take long to start thinking outside of the storyline. How long did the cast work on their performance? How many career opportunities will open up thanks to this break? How can I be successful and acheive my personal goals like they have?

Anyone else think in a similar way? Does this drive cause unhelpful worry that I’m not doing enough in life? Maybe it good to have switch off button from time to time?


2 thoughts on “Creativity

  • Sort of but not really. For some reason I have the hardest time staying awake during a movie but do enjoy TV shows. Certain ones at least. I like stories that can more or less wrap it up in 45 minutes 😉 I appreciate starting at the first episode and working my way through the series.

    • Oh I’m guilty of falling asleep in cinemas. I prefer to be in between friends so if I do, I don’t start drooling on a complete stranger. I guess for you tv shows are short burst of drama that are short enough for you to enjoy one at a time, not some 2 hour snooze fest!

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