JB vs JC: Does Bieber deserve more followers than Jesus?

He is a global icon with more followers than most guys have sperm count. If that wasn’t already clear it was made evident to me today as the song stuck in my head was playing in the store I walked into. It didn’t surprise me but it did look like I was singing along.

I posted recently on the falling religious numbers in Britain, less than 800,000 attend church services and two thirds of British teens do not believe in God. Considering how many of the 800,000 are teenagers and how much of Biebers sell out arena tours are made up of teens, I would say Bieber has a much bigger fan base here in the UK. 

So why are so many kids happy to pay big bucks to see him perform (some reportedly paying up to £200 for a twenty second meet and greet) when Church is free? 

The answer is simple. JB shows up for his followers. Most of the time.


This is what it comes down to. In the fast paced world we live in, we want results and if we do not get results we move on. This isn’t greed or selfishness. A little entertainment is desired in a world full of bad news and hard work, teenagers are in no way exempt from this.

For thousands of years church goers have spent their free time worshipping a Lord that hasn’t made an appearance. Not once in millenia. Unless that is, you believe stories of him appearing on slices of burnt toast or to a crowd so briefly there is no photo evidence, but what use is that to us? 

Fans want to see Bieber. He says he will make an appearance, they pay and he plays. It’s a greatly effective system and is the reason he has more followers than most nations have people. 

The ultimate irony is that Justin Bieber may take offence to what I am saying in this post. He has tattoos of Jesus and has been vocal about his religious beliefs. 

Unless he comments below- and he is most welcome to- I don’t think I will get a direct answer to this. 

A society showing more interest in celebrity culture than having a religion isn’t a society going downhill. It’s a society that likes to hear from the idols they respect and less tolerant of individuals they are told to respect, especially if those individuals don’t have the nerve to show appreciation or make an appearance. 

It’s a shame followers have to pay to see their hero but that’s the nature of the industry… And what other option is there when Jesus won’t do it for free?


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