I’m heading to Brazil!

Can I afford it? Heck no. Am I excited? Hell yes! 

Sometimes, you just have to do what you want to without thinking of the financial or time restraints. What guy doesn’t want to watch women’s beach volleyball- in Brazil? Luckily I have friends there, I am eagerly waiting to hear whether or not they have been able to get other events too. Even if we do not, the Brazillian party atmosphere is known to be amazing and the trip will be fantastic nonetheless.

I know wordpress has a keen travel community and travel has helped make me who I am. I will no doubt soak up the culture and spend some quality time with locals, in particular looking at religion and how it affects society. I always end up having a civil conversation with someone happy to discuss our differences no matter where I am.

That is of course when I am not too busy melting away in the heat or envying the incredible Brazilian physique. I think a beer ban needs to start pronto.

Featured image: Felipe Goifman/Getty Images/iStockphoto


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