Bowie found God before death?

This article believes so. According to the Sun Online (I know, I know), he told friends before his death ‘You don’t get any atheists on the battlefield’.

To be honest, God is a huge factor on many battlefields. Just listen to what both sides shout when firing their weapons.  If the beautiful open fields were filled with more secular views, many of the wars we see today would not have even started. And for God to watch over such wars, well that doesn’t exactly fill me with religious pride. 

Such faith in God only furthers the idea that people turn to faith when there is nothing else to turn to. A safety net and a last resort. Similar to the flailing limbs of a person falling from a great height, we do anything we can to try and rectify the situation and ensure our safety no matter how useless.

‘Look at me, I’m in heaven’

The first words in Lazarus, a song on his most recent and sadly last album Blackstar. So did Bowie adopt the Christian faith in his final months?

‘He concluded there was something greater than all of us and it may be some version of what others might call God.’

The vagueness of this statement doesn’t help things, we can only assume like we did with so much of his life and music. And to be honest it doesn’t matter. I do not take death bed conversions as evidence for a deity, it is more of a cling on to hope. This doesn’t help the theist argument, instead it helps to show that religion is fuelled by hope not evidence and with that, an atheistic view remains intact. It doesn’t matter how credible the individual nor how respected they were in life, a last minute conversion of faith shows hope, not knowledge.


11 thoughts on “Bowie found God before death?

  • as a christian, i always saw Hope in the last days of a person’s illness that they ‘saw god’ or somehow ‘the veil was thinner’ between this world and the next so god was more able to reveal himself as the time of death drew nigh.
    I saw Hope that god would be able to do silently and in the persons own mind and heart what i was unable to do thru days, months and years of sharing the gospel with them.
    I saw Hope that somehow I would be let off the hook for having failed to convince them to believe and accept the Truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection for their sins.

    now, i just see death bed confessions as just another immoral aspect of my former faith, that allows the possibility for thoroughly immoral and evil people to gain by last minute Hope and simple confession what untold millions could not have gained by lifetimes of good, moral and righteous lives lived for the benefit of others.

    there may indeed be no atheists in foxholes, as you have correctly pointed out, they are probably the first ones to point weapons at their ‘enemies’ and kill and die for god and country. while the atheists would rather Live and promote Life for the betterment of humanity.


    • I do not mind someone believing in an afterlife as they are in the process of dying, as I can imagine it being very comforting. I wouldn’t take that away from them and it would hardly be doing any damage. Have you seen the Ricky Gervais movie The Invention Of Lying? He goes through the exact same thing with his mother, it’s quite interesting.

      • My dad was passing in hospice and a brother from the church’s first response was “can I come preach to him?” It took all I could muster to kindly decline

      • My sister sought religious help from the hospitals church when my dad was dying, the lady seemed very out of her depth and could only give us the usual kind words and that we should pray, which unfortunately yet unsurprisingly didn’t have an effect

      • I’m sorry for your loss as well. My dad was my second best friend. Even though I knew he wasn’t ‘saved’, at the time I chose to protect him and my family from my zealous friend

      • I will eventually get to that story about my dad’s passing in my series on my Christian life and deconversion. Already tried once but a gnat used my post as an opportunity to mock my story

  • Robert Green Ingersoll, the famous freethinker of the 1800s was incredibly generous and understanding
    when it came to people who had religious hope:

    “While utterly discarding all creeds, and denying the truth of all religions, there is neither in my heart nor upon my lips a sneer
    for the hopeful, loving and tender souls who believe that from all this discord will result a perfect harmony;
    that every evil will in some mysterious way become a good, and that above and over all there is a being who,
    in some way, will reclaim and glorify every one of the children of men.
    “But for those who heartlessly try to prove that salvation is almost impossible; that damnation is almost certain; that the highway of the universe leads to hell; who fill life with fear and death with horror; who curse the cradle and mock the tomb, it is impossible to entertain other than feelings of pity, contempt and scorn.”
    “The Gods” (1876) as published in The Gods and Other Lectures (1879).

    I can’t think of a better way to say it!
    If David Bowie had hope for another life, he is no different from the rest of us. That doesn’t mean he was a Christian. It means he was human.

    • Great quote. I will always try to be as humane and appreciative as I can when it comes to people having optimism and good nature, even if it involves beliefs that I do not agree with. It is possible to respectively disagree although this can be difficult without causing some offence.

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