If a team of scientists could create a ‘human 2.0’, do you think they would see the flaws in eating and breathing out of the same hole? Our current ‘design’ shows as much intelligence as building a play ground next to a highway. 

Just because we are the most dominant species does not mean we are without flaw. A Nokia 3310 was arguably the best phone of it’s time, was it the best a phone could get? It’s hard to see how something can be bettered, until something better comes along.

Even if God created man, this alone does not give him the instant right to rule over us! It gives him as much right as the Roman Empire had ruling much of Europe, simply because it could. Respect should be earned and not demanded because of strength and power.

Why do people accept the idea that we are put through a ‘test’ that makes life difficult and makes us stronger? To prepare for the future is not a valid answer, why even need to prepare when it doesn’t have to be made so damn tough in the first place? Bein Bon into sin doesn’t count either, don’t get me started on that.

This world isn’t perfect nor finely tuned, stop kidding yourself. Volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, snow storms, solar storms, famine, disease, epidemics, terror attacks, asteroid impacts… The list goes on. We are here as we are lucky to live in a pocket of relatively livable conditions on Earth. It doesn’t mean Earth is perfect, we are simply beating the odds. 

If your evidence for God is personal, why should I be expected to believe it? I haven’t been ignoring signs, I am just less fooled by normal occurances an will not perceive them as divine intervention. If I hear the wind howling after a horror film I know it’s the wind despite increased fear. There’s no need to assume it’s anything supernatural or evil.


I will probably post more thoughts every now and then as I have so many whizzing through my head on a daily basis. Many blogs inspire me (yes, yours is probably included) to create posts and ask further questions, I hate how most of these questions are forgotten as another question pops up. Adding thoughts from time to time helps to reminds me of such inspiration and I’ll no doubt come back to talk about some of these in a little more depth.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  • It seems inherently flawed to assume the world is organized just because our brains are wired to make sense of what we see. Just as movement of the larynx to a speech friendly position in our throat created that whole no breathing and swallowing at the same time thing, everything around us is meets only minimal requirements for the propagation of the species. It looks organized only because we cannot function in chaos.

    • Thanks for your input, I like what you’ve said. It’s true, it seems organised and if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be able to observe it to call it organised. Most of the universe isn’t suitable for life to comment on it and if it was, I’m sure that species would say it was too ‘designed’ to come from ‘nothing’ too.

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