Normality keeps the world in order. Individuality keeps the world evolving

David Bowie was certainly a fan of innovation and individuality. His unique persona is the reason that millions of people will wake up in mourning today. 

Most of us will be too fearful to adopt an alterego as outrageous as Ziggy Stardust, in fear of ridicule or social isolation. It is much more acceptable to remain unambitious or somewhat tame if that means we can be accepted. It is better to blend into society than to risk trying to change it. 

Most of us will not know what it is like to be adored by millions of people like those weird, eccentric artists. The ones  that thought fuck it, and realised that normality doesn’t keep you from the casket any longer, it just means less people know that you are in it when it comes to the time.

This links in with my blog very nicely. Atheism receives plenty of ridicule from the religious community largely due to it’s daring nature. Not going to church on Sunday?! Not saying grace before a meal?! Not sporting the dull, individuality killing religious garments that we are meant to keep us in check?! Hardly as outrageous as sporting face paint and singing about outer space, but not many people can do that as well as Ziggy.

Religion turns even the most modest of changes into hysteria. A woman revealing slightly more leg than usual in a very conservative nation or two men holding hands walking down the street. When we are born to live such boring and unambitious lives no wonder the ones that dare to break the shackles gain such attention. Those that criticise are jealous of such confidence and the ones that disagree have had their identity taken away by ‘normal’ society. 

How many church attending, prayer giving, 9-to-5 working, scripture reading, ‘normal’ individuals will stand the test of time and be respected by millions even after death? None, there are way to many. How many eccentric and different characters will help the shape a world unwilling to change and receive worldwide respect? Not many… And we lost another one of these rare but vital characters today.


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