Religion makes life harder than it is 

Why write with my feet when I can use my hands? Why walk backwards when I can walk forwards? Why speak in morse code when I can use language?

Everyday I see people making life harder than it should be. Whether it be going for a jog in religious garments, eating pasta through a veil or avoiding alcohol to the point that an empty glass cannot be touched. 

One of the biggest benefits to atheism is being able to live my life without worrying about the aspects of life that don’t need to be worried about. I don’t care if I shake hands with a homosexual or kiss a female in public. It doesn’t matter if I have a pint of beer in a bar or have sex on Sunday instead of going to church.

To me, the little things that cause such worry are a waste of time and life. I do not have respect for a God that wants to make our already difficult lives even more difficult.

Do you see how religion makes life difficult for people daily? If so please share, I know I’m not the only one to see that religion adds more stress to daily routine. 


2 thoughts on “Religion makes life harder than it is 

  • Great point here. My mom grew up in an area with a lot of Jewish people, so despite being raised Catholic, she interacted with a lot of people who were keeping Kosher. Kosher law is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever learned about. For instance, not only are you not allowed to consume meat and dairy together, but they can’t both touch the same plates, even at different times. Ever. Washing them isn’t enough. Kosher families literally have separate plates and utensils: a set for meat, and a set for dairy. My mom accidentally used the wrong type of plate for one of those food groups when babysitting a neighbor’s kid when she was in high school, and that was a huge deal. If I understand correctly, they can never use that plate again. So much time and effort is spent making sure that their food meets dietary requirements, but if you read Kosher law it’s not even health related, it’s pretty arbitrary (which animals have split hooves and stuff like that). Of course, the vast majority of Jewish people aren’t Kosher anymore, but there are still people who spend a lot of energy following these crazy rules.

    • This is a perfect example. How much time is spent worrying about something that if you were stop the rituals, would have zero effect on health or lifestyle? Spend that wasted time being creative, learn an instrument or write an app!

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