BBC Documentary: ‘My mum would forgive me for killing someone, but not for being gay’

I want to tell you about a BBC documentary I am watching. I am shaking my head in disbelief at what I’m hearing, the stupidity and arrogance of some people knows no limits.

Reggie Yates is presenting the documentary Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK: Gay and under attack in Black and Asian communities within the UK. Having some interesting conversations with bigoted people on their opinions of the LGBT community, from hairdressers to church pastors.

One gay man tells the story of his mothers view on homosexuality. The 23 year old says that his own mother would forgive him for killing someone, but not for being gay.

Let that sink in.

He is Islamic, and says his belief growing up did not consider homosexuality a ‘thing’. It was a disgusting act and that being gay was a punishment from God. He was kicked out of the house and told he could come back if he was exorcised.

The main trend I am seeing here is that religion plays a large role in such bigotry. Even the 23 year old states that he had homophobia drilled into him to the extent that two men kissing would bring up some kind of hatred, even though this was his sexual orientation. Religion isn’t the only factor, but a large factor.

When parents can tell their children that they are immoral without good reason I wonder how brainwash they have to be. Will I tell my children that they deserve to die to please a God that I haven’t met? Not a chance. 


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