Why would anyone want to boast about religous charities?!

I recently reblogged a post. A post questioning morality and whether or not we are moral because of our religious history. Scrolling through the comments on the original, it seems charity work is being used to argue that religion promotes morality and can be proved due to the large number of charities set up by religious groups.

I would never condemn a charity for helping those in need, even if this came about due to religious belief. What I will criticise is the charity workers attitudes towards God. Are they trying to please God by helping the same vulnerable people that God ignores? Will this not lead to the sky daddy getting angry at a charities decision to help, as helping can be perceived as acting against the fate imposed on us?

Why are religious charity workers happy to praise a god if they are the ones providing the relief? Is God somehow incapable of help- in which case we need to ask- is the religion worthy to be be associated with the great unpaid work by good samaritains?

A worse case scenario, are charity workers using these good deeds purely for the opportunity to get to heaven? I hope not. I do not know the ratio between religious and non-religious charities, religion may indeed lead the way although I am sure non-religious charities will increase once countries accept atheism with the same open arms. 

This critical thinking that religious charities lack, they more than make up for in good will. That is if the work is for the good of humanity and not a free pass into the afterlife.


2 thoughts on “Why would anyone want to boast about religous charities?!

  • Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to do a blog about charity this week too.

    The vast majority of charitable deeds (99%) are done without any reference to Jesus or Allah or any other god.
    Millions of good people go above and beyond their job description every day – going that extra mile is a natural act of charity:
    teachers, firemen, doctors, policemen, lawyers, grocery clerks.

    We can all think of examples where someone did something extra at a time when we really needed it. And that person probably never mentioned their religion as a reason for doing it.

    • Thanks for the comment, like you say we all do good deeds. Heck, a lot of the reasons we need charity is down to war and a lot of war is down to religion. I look forward to your post!

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