I’d rather die on my feet than live forever on my knees

A day of freedom is worth more than a lifetime of slavery. 

The above quotes are among my favourite. They truly defend the value of freedom and the idea that we should not surrender no matter how big or small. 

Yes, I do many things that I have no choice but to do, such as paying taxes. But have you ever seen a ‘Tax-man worship centre’? Would you attend? I pay taxes and comply with authority but it stops there. I do not worship and tell others to worship. 

Life is short enough. As soon as I leave the house on the morning I am vulnerable to the elements and unfortunatley, other people. I choose not to spend any of this time dedicated to praising a deity unless that deity is blatant. The fact that I have created this blog is not because I am ‘ignorant’ around religious claims or ‘arrogant’ towards the supposedly undeniable fact that God exists. It’s because the religous claims aren’t good enough. I don’t mind spending my precious and finite time blogging on behalf of nature because I know it cannot blog for itself. I am blogging in a world that is slowly turning it’s head to the actual truth and escaping the ‘convenient’ truth.

Surely this is something to take pride in blogging about.


12 thoughts on “I’d rather die on my feet than live forever on my knees

  • Ive recently been spending sometime watching explanation videos on christian beliefs to educate myself, make myself have an easier time being tolerant to their beliefs, and remind myself why i made this choice. From the video i watched about sins you sin when you do anything god doesnt like and in his history he kills simply because people offend him. This post basically is how i feel as well. I wont worship anything, more over I wouldnt put anything above life(that includes my life and everything around me) , especially not something that may not exist.

    • I respect that you are attempting to be more tolerant towards other beliefs despite disagreeing, this is something I try to do more than I have previously. I’ve found that the more I watch such videos, the more questions I start to ask of the claims…

  • “But have you ever seen a ‘Tax-man worship centre’? Would you attend?”

    I have evidence that the IRS exists. I know what it wants, I know how it communicates. There aren’t rival denominations of IRS agents, each sure that they know the “true meaning” of the IRS code, and proclaiming that all the other agents are false agents doomed to eternal audits.

    I think that a “god” should be able to do at least as good a job of convincing me that it exists as the IRS does. So far, nothing.

      • Exactly. Theists say that “god can’t reveal himself, because that would take away our free will whether to worship him”. I’m convinced Coca Cola exists, and I feel completely free not to worship it.

        (Diet Coke now, maybe…)

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