How Christians View the World vs How Atheists View the World

If I was handed a penny every time I hear ‘God is good all the time!’, I would probably have enough money to purchase one of those fancy WordPress themes.

The same goes for those that compare earth to a building with running water, elevators and automatic doors… Such a building cannot be made from let’s say, an explosion… So how can earth?

My featured image above (courtesy of Eutah Mizishima) paints a picture of serenity and beauty. Peace in a land where nature thrives. A beautiful photo.

This is how creationists see the world as a whole. And this couldn’t be more wrong.

Instead of finding images of past disasters, below shows the world as it currently is at the time I post this. 

Here is footage of a car escaping the wildfires in California. 

Hell on Earth, right?!


Above is one of the first images of the devastation caused by the outbreak of tornadoes in Texas. (Captured by NBCDFW)

In my own country (and much of my own region), severe flooding has left many without homes over the festive season. (BBC/ Getty images)

A state of emergency- 100,000 flee homes in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uraguay as the worst El Niño in 15 years hits South America. (The Guardian, Photograph: Prensa Municipio Concordia Handout/EPA)

What do they all have in common? These are Christian countries affected, around the Christmas period. So at a time when God sees a peak in prayer and church attendance, it seems the right time to ruin lives. Where is the logic in this? And where is this perfect world in which we apparantly live in?

I’m not a pessimist at all, I just like clear thinking.


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