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There are good Christians, and then there are assholes

Are we too lenient with the atheist of today?

If you think that death is appropriate for anyone that thinks differently to yourself, you are the one the world can do without.

Are we too lenient with religious extremists? Yes. But I would rather no one was being executed for any reason whatsoever. 

Where does such religious anger come from?!

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  1. that person sees his Christianity ™ as different from the catholic church who birthed it (however, it’s not). but it is pretty ironic that in trying to distance himself from the ‘cult’ of Catholicism, he is also holding out even the question of going back to their previous ways of ‘dealing’ with those who disagree with the Christian god/gospel.

    It’s all a game to them… might as well be High Stakes Poker

    “I’ll see your ‘nebulous reference’ to an eternal torment in a non existent place called Hell and raise you one ‘thinly veiled threat’ of decapitation.”

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    • The only reason I try to differentiate is that my late father was Christian and thankfully very moderate. I told him I was an atheist and he loved me all the same. I’m lucky though, I know a lot I people feel rejection at such an admission.

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      • Yes, of course I agree with you. My remark was a bit smarty. 😦
        For most of my life (and it is a long life) I had little idea that anyone dared say aloud what I was thinking. It was only with the internet that I knew there were many that felt as I did. Today ideas spread so quickly. The youth do not have to spend years in doubt. 🙂

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      • It’s okay! I remember saying that I was an atheist in my own head and that filled me with guilt, but also a lot of relief. It’s weird as most of the kids I grew up with were non religious and for this reason I played devils advocate a lot. Now I’m not just atheist but more so than a lot of these same people.


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