Come on now, be honest with yourself 

I hate being lied to. Regardless of who it is or how big or small, dishonesty is a bad quality to possess. 

A lie, or a blogger that sadly interprets everyday occurances as divine communication? I still need to have many questions answered, for some reason I never get these answers…

  • When God knocks on the door, is there a ringtone or alert to notify us of his calling?
  • What accent does he have?
  • What language does he speak? If it is more of a telepathic/ emotional experience than spoken language, what signs point to it being the God you believe in?
  • How long does such this experience last?

Until I actually receive an answer to these, I am going to assume I am being lied to, or at least misinformed.

There is no point making such a claim if you cannot even describe the experience you expect me to believe.


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