I have more faith in our mature children than our immature adults 

Although I am clinging onto my mid twenties, school is still very fresh in the mind. Can you remember the rules and daily routines, the forced silence in lesson, the teachers commands for respect? This was to help us grow from naive children into respectable adults. 


Despite mobile phones only emerging once I hit secondary school (high school for some) teachers already realised how much of a distraction they would be. They still are distraction regardless of age or job role.

Everytime I watch parliamentary debates, phones are out. Hilarious, isn’t it? Despite many of the nations decisions being made in that very room, a ban on electronic devices failed to go through. Despite our lives being dictated as we watch, politicians happily tweet on mobile phones and iPads, in the process looking like unruly students on national television. One was even caught playing Candy Crush

Candy Crush!
Have you heard the parliamentary debates? At times the decibel level rivals a failing school when a substitute teacher takes the class. If school has taught me anything, it is that students aren’t rebellious. They are imitating those in the highest positions in the country. And who wouldn’t want a job like that?


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