Don’t wait for the light to turn on

Life is like a high rise at sunset. Each window a person, sooner or later the natural light will diminish. An artificial one will replace it like the energy of a family ensuring the loss is remembered.

You do not know which one will be the next to light up. It could be one in your building or one blocks away. It could be one way across the other side of the city. Only time will tell.

Like a faulty light glowing in the daylight, sometimes a loss can occur way too soon. Some may start to light slowly, giving us enough time to use the remaining time wisely. 

This is how I feel at this present moment. We are oblivious to which window will light up next, we can only gaze at the ever growing numbers. It’s important to stop gazing and start living before the next window is the one you are looking out of.


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