Why do Christians like my posts?

Not that I do not appreciate this, I really do. I would love however to be met with objections to my claims and a difference in opinion. This helps me learn and develop.

Maybe it’s because my points are inarguable? Although I highly doubt this is the case.


5 thoughts on “Why do Christians like my posts?

    • I don’t know for certain that I’ve ever specifically “Like”(d) posts on either of your blogs but I have done so on the “atheism” tag feed. When I do, it is indeed because I support the specific argument being made in the post. Being a Christian doesn’t require that I automatically have to disagree with an atheist’s position. What usually inspires the “Like” response from me in these cases is when the theological position being critiqued is one I also believe is in error.
      So there’s at least one possible answer for you…

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