Time travel, without leaving the house 

I have found a new love for black and white film. As a child visiting grandparents, such films filled me with sheer boredom. They couldn’t compare to the movies and video games of my generation, it was like settling for second best.

Now my grandparents are no longer with me, I cannot listen to the stories they had from the early to mid 20th century. It was such a pivotal moment in our history, although they shared many stories, so many more are lost.

A big part of growing up is finding appreciation for the generations before and an interest in how life was different, a big reason as to why old films are held in such high regard and still relevant. My featured image is of the western movie ‘Yellow Sky’ from 1949. What is equally fascinating is that it is an old movie depicting an even older era. What was a modern movie using modern day technology to help bring history to life is now a victim of time itself. 

The actors and actresses helping portray the era have sadly perished. The beauty with the gun gone before the beginning of the 21st century, long before the smart phone that I have captured her image with and helped learned about the cast on.

No smartphones, no laptops. It is amazing to watch a generation that could get by with our tech gadgets. This isn’t because they couldn’t have them, but because they couldn’t imagine them.

A time when a stunning view had to be captured in the mind and retold later. When a letter in the mail was the quickest way of communication long distance. Before a human had walked on the moon. Before flight for working class families was a travel option. 

Although we cannot currently travel through time, such films are a great doorway into a time long gone. And a good black and white movie will convince you that you’re there.


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