Why does God always get the blame?

Mustard Seed Budget put together this post and I will begin with the sentence they decided to end on. 

‘They turn God on like a light switch when evil happens. Then they turn Him off during years of wonderful things.’

When reading the article you will realise this is referring to the atheist blaming God when natural disasters strike and when wars break out, then acting as if he doesn’t exist during times of peace and when nature is showing it’s more awe inspiring, beautiful side.

It has 60 likes, clearly many believers agree with the author. The problem is, the claim simply isn’t true. Atheists choose to disbelieve nature has a puppeteer until one is apparant. That is true. When disasters strike, atheists do not become religious. Belief cannot be plucked from thin air at will. When war breaks out, it is a great opportunity for us to ask the question- ‘Is this the work of the deity you worship?’. This doesn’t mean we begin to believe.

So I would like to rephrase the opening sentence, aimed at theists.

They turn God off like a light switch when evil happens. Then they turn Him on during years of wonderful things.

The question a theist should self reflect on is…

Do I really worship a God that allows disasters?


5 thoughts on “Why does God always get the blame?

  • “When disasters strike, atheists do not become religious.

    This is why I find it amusing when Christians throw out the claim that something tragic must have happened to us to make us become atheists. How many Christians are only religious because of horrible events in their lives for which they sought any and every comfort they could imagine?

    • Although I do feel sorry for those who go through such tragedies, I cannot help to want to ask the question, why believe someone did this? Even more frustrating is when believers claim God was watching over them an allowed them to survive! How selfish!

      • Absolutely. They never realize that “but for the grace of God, that could be me.” essentially means “by the lack of God’s grace, it was that other person.”

      • Great way to put it! Have you seen the news reporter talk to an atheist after a tornado struck, saying it must have been thanks to God that she survived? The atheist shut him down immediately! It’s fairly easy to find on YouTube if you haven’t. Worth a watch and a breath of fresh air.

      • Yes! That was beautiful, and I though she handled that perfectly. And it was on CNN nonetheless–not that CNN is all that great, but I would have expected that sooner from the local podunk Oklahoma outlets than an international station.

        My personal favorite is the Betty Bowers meme “Thanking God for sparing you in a natural disaster is like sending a thank-you note to a serial killer for stabbing the family next door.”

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